SCOOCS: The virtual congress platform for AGRH

The French-Speaking Association of Human Resources Management (AGRH) is composed of more than 1300 HRM professionals and research fellow associates. AGRH is the reference association in France for the research on Human Resources Management. The association is also investing in internationalization and is also spreading the activity in many French-speaking countries across the globe. Due to the pandemic, AGRH had to bring the annual congress to a fully virtual format. SCOOCS was the chosen virtual congress platform to host their 31st annual congress. Learn more on how SCOOCS helped AGRH getting the most of their event!






31st Congress

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With the theme “Towards an inclusive approach of HRM”, the 31st AGRH Congress gathered more than 300 participants over 3 days in more than 70 sessions. AGRH needed a solution for both one-to-many sessions (e.g., the opening and closing session or the prize attribution session), as well as many-to-many sessions (e.g., the workshops with the doctoral students, the Symposiums, or the round tables about different themes). It was also important for AGRH to have a professional broadcasting solution for the one-to-many sessions. AGRH wanted to create a virtual venue, where the participants could have a quick overview of the agenda and be able to switch the sessions as they wished.

Séverine Ventolini Séverine Ventolini
Annabelle Hulin Annabelle Hulin
Elise Bonneveux Elise Bonneveux
“We really appreciated the help and availability of SCOOCS! Our participants were delighted with this online experience!”

Project Goals

A virtual congress platform for multiple tracks and sessions

SCOOCS’ video rooms allowed the congress participants to have multiple exchanges. Our video rooms hosted the diverse doctoral workshops, and the round tables on various themes: health, diversity, small and medium enterprises, or inclusion, among many others. The speakers were able to upload their presentations in the room, share their screens, and even use the whiteboard function.

On the one-to-many sessions, an iFrame with the streaming session was very easily embedded on the SCOOCS platform, allowing all participants to attend the sessions without leaving the virtual venue. These sessions were very engaging, with more than 190 comments, questions, and reactions shared!

Professional broadcasting for the one-to-many sessions

SCOOCS partners with selected professional A/V broadcasting providers to offer a one-stop solution for one-to-many sessions. This solution allows AGRH to introduce the various speakers and sessions with lower thirds, showcasing the organization’s identity and branding, as well as to use different layouts for single-speakers, multi-speakers, and screensharing moments. The result is a professional livestream that creates a superior user experience and visual aesthetics for the attendees.

An event hub with different resources

For AGRH it was also important to have an information area with different scientific papers and downloadable resources for the participants. The Event Hub was the perfect solution: it was possible to create this event library in minutes! In this way, when speakers referred to a study or a reference on their session, they just had to say “you can learn more on the event hub”!

Remote concierge and support for all the participants

No matter how intuitive a platform can be, friendly technical support is essential. SCOOCS provided 20 hours of remote concierge support with a dedicated platform technician that speaks French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, always available by phone, WhatsApp, email, and in a specific video room within the event. Whenever the participants had some questions on the platform… SCOOCS was there!


By going virtual AGRH contributed to saving CO2 emissions, with more than 30 cities represented across 3 countries!

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