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The most customizable virtual event platform at a fair price!

Make your own personal virtual platform with our customizable virtual event platform features! Take your event branding to the next level at a fair price!

Your event branding in 5 minutes

All the essential customizations you need

Forge the right event structure for you

CSS codes for a unique branded event platform

Embed your favorite tools in your event!

Embed your event agenda on an external website

A 100% customizable virtual event platform!

Your event in 8 languages

customizable virtual event platform
customizable virtual event platform
customizable virtual event platform

Design Presets

If you need to create your event branding in five minutes, the design presets feature is for you! You can choose among multiple design identities with matching color schemes and fonts. Are you looking for a tech layout? We have it! Or do you prefer a Christmassy look? We have it too! You can also choose your color palette and build your own design preset, that you will be able to use at other events!

virtual event platform features

Event Branding

We know you want your attendees to keep your brand on the top of their minds. We help you to achieve this with SCOOCS’ customization features! Customize all the colors, backgrounds, fonts, labels, banners, and links! Change the look and feel of the platform to showcase your design, and rename the platform modules to personalize their function!

Platform modules setup

Choose the modules you want to use! Enable the right sections for you, and disable the ones you won’t need! We also have different structure layouts according to your event goals! Drag and drop to build your menu order, and manage your GDPR permissions: do you wish to have your attendees in incognito mode? We have you covered!

customizable virtual event platform

CSS Library

Meet the CSS library: with these codes, you can customize even more your platform! In the back office, our help bot is always there for you! If you click there, you find the CSS library. Choose the effect you would like to see on the platform, copy the code, and insert it into the Global CSS code field. Voilà, one step forward to wow your participants!

We want to uphold our place as the most customizable virtual event platform, and we will always keep evolving and developing new features, to help you to build your brand!


“It would be so nice if I could embed a feedback form on my event….” Problem solved with SCOOCS! All our content fields offer the possibility to embed an iFrame! That means you can embed all your favorite tools: a feedback form to collect your attendees’ impressions, a Spotify playlist to set the tone, your book in a .pdf format, a survey, the possibilities are endless!

customizable virtual event platform
customizable virtual event platform

iFrame for external websites

Forget the time-wasting task of creating a whole new page on your website to advertise your next event. We have a quick solution for you: your event platform will automatically generate a custom code to embed on your website! Choose to display the timeline, the agenda, or both! This feature will be very helpful and make you save time with all those last-minute event changes!

Custom Development

You dream it, and we build it for you! This add-on is the answer to the question: “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?” If you need a feature that is important for you, we are happy to develop it! Just tell us what you have in mind, and we will check with our tech team how many hours they would need to make your idea possible. And voilà, you are one step away to create something ahead of the game! If you want to go the extra mile and have your platform in your custom domain, it is possible! You just have to decide on your virtual event platform domain, and, after checking the availability of your desired domain, we will arrange everything for you!

customizable virtual event platform


If you need to reach international audiences, the Multilanguage module is here to help! Activate the multi-language module to have your platform available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Mandarin and Ukrainian. Speak your attendees’ language and increase your business results!

We want to uphold our place as the most customizable virtual event platform, and we will always keep evolving and developing new features, to help you to build your brand!


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