Write for us! We are open to your guest post about technology, events, or sustainability!

If you are looking for guest post opportunities, write for us! We are looking for guest contributors, especially about technology, events, remote work, and sustainability. But we are open to other themes too! Continue to read to know everything about our write for us program.

write for us guest post technology events sustainability 1

I want to write for you! What should be the theme of my guest post?

The main themes of our blog are:

  • Online meetings and events;
  • Hybrid meetings and events;
  • Event Technology ;
  • Event Sustainability.

These are our main go-to themes.

Even if you don’t treat them as a stand-alone category, the following themes also relate to our business:

  • Remote Work – tools for remote teams, tips for hybrid work models, etc.
  • Event Ideas to celebrate important days: e.g.: World Environment Day or the International Day of Democracy;
  • Useful technology for CEOs, marketing, sales, project managers, and operations teams;
  • Marketing, Communication, and other business tips;
  • Tips on Data and Analytics (even more valuable if the article has real examples for the event industry).

If you would like to write about another theme that it’s not on this list, just send us an email anyway! We will consider it and revert to you!

write for us guest post technology events sustainability 1
write for us guest post technology events sustainability 1

What are the guest post guidelines of your Write for Us program?

These are our guest post guidelines:

  • Your content should be original. It should not have been published before on another website or copied from other websites;
  • Minimum of 600 words;
  • We don’t accept pure promotional content for your product. But you can include the link for your product, of course (that’s the whole point!), when speaking about something that your product can help to solve in a broader context, for example. All the links will be “do follow”.

SCOOCS reserves the right to suggest edits to your blog post and to refuse the article if some of the edits we consider essential are not authorized by you.

How do I get in touch to send my guest post idea?

If you want to write for us, send an email to hello@scoocs.co with:

  1. Title of your article
  2. The keyword of your article
  3. Link to your website
  4. Link to one of your existing articles

We will answer you in 1-week max! We will either accept the guest post collaboration or refuse it because of the following reasons:

  • You want to target a keyword for which we have content already or we are planning to write about soon (in which case we will ask you to provide another one), or
  • Your theme/website doesn’t fit our editorial line or your product is a SCOOCS competitor.
write for us guest post technology events sustainability 1
write for us guest post technology events sustainability 1

Write For Us Program FAQs

Yes, it is free to publish your article on our blog.

However, we would like you to share the article on your social media channels with a mention of SCOOCS. We will do the same and mention your company.

The guest posts that don’t follow the guidelines of the Write for Us program will not be published, especially in the following cases:

– The content of your guest post was already published before on another website or is copied from other websites;

– Low-Quality Content – Doesn’t provide value for the reader or only promotes your brand;

– You are a SCOOCS competitor.

To define a low-quality guest post, we refer ourselves to the Google Search Central Blog definitions, which we could resume as the following:

– The content is not written by people and is written primarily for the search engines and not for the reader.

– The article doesn’t deliver what is promised in the title and is missing depth and knowledge. That means the reader will not have all the information he needed to have the answer to his question and will go back to the search results.

– The content is inaccurate or displays facts without mentioning the source.

For the moment we accept guest posts in English, Spanish, and German.

Because it’s a win-win:

– You will get a do follow backlink on a website with a domain authority of 31 (Moz). 

– We get valuable content that will be useful for our audience;

Link Building is an important activity to improve your website authority, and thus, to improve your Google rankings. 

Well, it depends, what do you have in mind? Just send us an email at hello@scoocs.co, and let’s talk about it!

Write For Us TL;DR

SCOOCS has a “Write for us” program and accepts guest posts about technology, events (virtual, hybrid, or IRL), remote work, and sustainability. Send the title of your article, the keyword you will target, the link to your website, and the link to one of your published articles to hello@scoocs.co. Only original articles with more than 600 words and following the Google Search Central Blog quality directives will be accepted.