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Free Event | 26th October 2021 | 5pm CET


Let's talk about virtual events hybrid events communities engagement sustainability and get together!

Learn from the best professionals in the event industry, discuss the future of virtual and hybrid events, and share your experiences!

SCOOCS Talks: What to Expect

The SCOOCS team will be hosting the SCOOCS Talks – monthly keynotes, followed by Q&A, and networking moments, where event professionals are invited to participate.

SCOOCS Talks aims to be a monthly ‘Rendezvous’ for event professionals to discuss one key topic in-depth, share best [and worst] practices, and build long-lasting relationships.

26th October 2021

High Engagement & Community Building – The Link & the Benefits

With Jessica Lopes, Event Manager at HYPE Innovation

“You need to keep your audience engaged.” We heard that sentence a million times for the last past year and a half, and it has been a learning curve for all of us to understand what engagement really means to us, to our audiences, to our top-managers etc. Networking session, chat feature, video meeting, polls etc. are tools offered by platforms that support interaction between participants, but tools alone are not enough to recreate your offline experience and atmosphere in an online environment. How about looking at engagement in a more sustainable way? In this session we’ll take a detailed look at how to use tools, features and activities to create a feeling of belonging and build a community that remains engaged on the long term.

About Jessica Lopes

Jessica has been an event manager for over 12 years in different industries. She worked first for non-profit organizations in the sports field working on large events for thousands of people like on smaller conferences focusing on specific targets. For the last 5 years, she switched to the B2B environment and has been working as the only event manager at HYPE Innovation, a software and services company in the innovation management field. She is in charge of the events for their clients community and lead-generation ones.
HYPE Innovation

Interview with Jessica Lopes

Check this interview with Jessica Lopes, and get to know all her exclusive tips and secrets! The interview is available in 3 formats:

Since last year Jessica has been facing the same challenge we all have been – how to plan and host meaningful and engaging online events? Overwhelmed by this disruption in the field of event management, many event managers simply decided to cancel. Jessica never saw this as an option. If you are looking for insights on how to prepare for managing successful online events, this insightful SCOOCS Talk with Jessica Lopes is for you.

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Learn from the best professionals in the event industry, discuss the future of virtual and hybrid events, and share your experiences!

"We need to accept that something will go wrong also in the virtual world and not over stress about it, but just make sure that we can very quickly solve the situation."

Jessica Lopes
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