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SCOOCS Talks: What to Expect

The SCOOCS Talks are keynotes, followed by Q&A, and networking moments, where event professionals are invited to participate.

SCOOCS Talks aims to be a ‘Rendezvous’ for event professionals to discuss one key topic in-depth, share best [and worst] practices, and build long-lasting relationships.

Get exclusive insights on the event industry!

Access our past SCOOCS Talks recordings, and get the most valuable tips from our partner event planners and technology experts!

Hybrid Events – what works and what is still to come?

Klaus Motoki Tonn, Founder & CEO @

High Engagement & Community Building – The Link & the Benefits

Jessica Lopes, event manager at HYPE Innovation

10 DO's & DON'Ts for hybrid events (in German Language)

Katrin Taepke, blogger at MICEstens Digital

Levelling up your virtual and hybrid events with event strategy

Juliet Tripp, Group Strategy Director at Make Events and Events Industry Coach

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