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Hybrid Events – what works and what is still to come?

Klaus Motoki Tonn, Founder & CEO @

High Engagement & Community Building – The Link & the Benefits

Jessica Lopes, event manager at HYPE Innovation

10 DO's & DON'Ts for hybrid events (in german)

Katrin Taepke, blogger at MICEstens Digital

Levelling up your virtual and hybrid events with event strategy

Juliet Tripp, Group Strategy Director at Make Events and Events Industry Coach


HYPE Innovation

SCOOCS Talks: Interview with Jessica Lopes

Check this interview with Jessica Lopes, and get to know all her exclusive tips and secrets! The interview is available in 3 formats:

Since last year Jessica has been facing the same challenge we all have been – how to plan and host meaningful and engaging online events? Overwhelmed by this disruption in the field of event management, many event managers simply decided to cancel. Jessica never saw this as an option. If you are looking for insights on how to prepare for managing successful online events, this insightful SCOOCS Talk with Jessica Lopes is for you.

SCOOCS Forum 2021

With the theme “what are the major challenges ahead and which tools and features do we need to face them?”, the SCOOCS Forum 2021 celebrated SCOOCS’s first anniversary on the 27th of April 2021.
It was also the occasion for event managers to network and share experiences!

virtual event tool

Quiz - What is the right SCOOCS add-on for you?

Struggling to get the most out of your virtual and hybrid events? Take the quiz and discover what is the right SCOOCS add-on for you! Let us help you to take your events to next level!

Still wondering why you should choose hybrid events?

Our exclusive e-Book is available now! Discover why hybrid events are a no-brainer!