Samsung Electronics’ “Better Normal for All”

PRODYNA is the leader in Cloud Native Business Solutions, empowering digital transformation with exceptional customer experience. In unprecedented times, Samsung Electronics was faced with the challenge of hosting its first digital tradeshow. To bring the vision of a “Better Normal for All” to life, PRODYNA partnered with SCOOCS in designing, building, and hosting a truly innovative, user-centered, digital tradeshow.


PRODYNA & Samsung Electronics


Samsung CE Summit

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SCOOCS is proud to be PRODYNA’s trusted virtual event partner. Samsung CE Summit challenged the way we embrace the “new normal” by calling for a “better normal for all”. This is the largest gathering of Samsung consumer electronics dealers in Europe. This year, SCOOCS-PRODYNA hosted more than 3,000 users during a two-week tradeshow with 16 business-unit-specific events to exchange ideas, build connections, and present Samsung’s latest innovations in consumer electronics.
If you are wondering how SCOOCS can empower you to exceed the needs and expectations of your stakeholders, this short story about how Samsung builds a virtual tradeshow venue to showcase the latest innovations and enable meaningful connections was written for you!

Samsung CE Summit 2021 was the first digital tradeshow that offered the digital space for insightful keynotes, meaningful networking, and innovative consumer electronics showcasing. By leveraging SCOOCS’s intuitive virtual events lobby and dashboard, private & public networking features, and a 3D world, CE Summit was where Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. shared its vision for “a better normal for all”, introducing new products that show how it continues to innovate by creating solutions that are flexible, intelligently connected, and use tailored to consumers daily lives.

Samsung’s dreams are truly boundless. Taking their moto to hear, SCOOCS-PRODYNA accepted Samsung Electronics challenge to reinvent the future of digital tradeshows. This meant three things: exceptional technology, innovative design, and meaningful connections.

Project Goals

Building a unique [digital] tradeshow

The core idea behind a tradeshow is a dedicated space that brings together members of a particular industry to display, demonstrate, and discuss the latest products and services. Traditionally, we would think of large convention centers where thousands of people would join to experience the latest industry innovations. The global pandemic forced us to rethink our ideas of space, display, and connections. With SCOOCS 3D world, Samsung was able to build an engaging and interactive virtual tradeshow space where users could “walk through” and demo the latest products and services were showcased in 360 degrees perspectives.

State-of-the-art design

Considering the diversity of business units, Samsung did not need one virtual event; they needed 16 virtual events. SCOOCS platform and event settings allow hosts to not only customize background, buttons, titles, and fonts but also include a global custom CSS field for boundless design and customization.

Pre-arranged private and public meetings

With an enormous focus on networking and connections, Samsung CE Summit 2021 included multiple customer meetings, sales meetings, and press conferences. These networking moments were either privately arranged and scheduled in the attendee’s agenda, public networking tables, or individually scheduled 1-to-1 video chat meetings. By leveraging SCOOCS vast array of flexible networking options, Samsung CE Summit 2021 offered meaningful connections between sales, customers, and dealers.


In the past year, in one way or another, most of our world was turned upside down, challenging our courage, flexibility, and commitment more than ever. Reflecting these same values, SCOOCS-PRODYNA hosted the first digital edition of Samsung CE Summit, reinventing the future of digital and hybrid tradeshows.

Sales Managers, Customers, and Dealers
Public & Private Networking Moments
Parallel Events

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