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A virtual event tool for different formats

SCOOCS is a very flexible virtual event tool. To show you all of our features and inspire you to create your dream event, we will write about some of the events we hosted, and show you how we empower hosts to be more creative and to host better events! In this blog post, we will share with you some of our June 2021 events!

Quanos cDay – A professional conference

Since 1995, Quanos provides cutting-edge software for information management and sales teams in a broad variety of fields, such as information technology, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, or even the automotive industry.

Quanos cDay is the event where professionals of these industries can learn the latest news, and exchange best practices and the latest trends on after-sales information management. This event took place on the 8th of June 2021, and over 500 participants had the opportunity to learn the latest trends on more than 30 sessions, and also to network on the thematic networking tables.

virtual event tool
Quanos cDay Timeline

Heise's webinar: Container in four hours - Docker and Co. made easy

Heise Online has launched the Heise Academy, the digital learning platform for IT professionals. SCOOCS was the virtual event tool chosen to host a cycle of webinars where IT professionals can update their knowledge in different matters. On the 8th of June SCOOCS hosted the webinar “Container in four hours”, with Nicholas Dille. Participants can have further information about the theme on the event hub – a multimedia library where is possible to have links, images, documents in .pdf format, or even a video or an embedded iFrame.

virtual event tool
Heise's webinar "Container in four hours" homepage

Supporting Health by Technology with SCOOCS virtual event tool

Organized by the University of Twente, “Supporting health by technology” is an academic conference hosted on SCOOCS on the 10th and 11th June 2021. Over 200 participants have learned about the latest developments on how technology is improving healthcare. The program counted with more than 30 sessions, with one-to-many and many-to-many formats, and with several simultaneous sessions. Researchers were also able to showcase their work with SCOOCS virtual poster presentations, being able to display text, images, videos, papers in .pdf format, or even an embedded iFrame!

"Support Health by Technology" Poster Booths

TDWI München Digital - Advancing All Things Data

For over 17 years now, TDWI München Digital is the meeting point to discuss the latest trends in Business Intelligence. This year, the program was hosted with the SCOOCS virtual event tool. Over 1000 BI professionals attended the 130 sessions on multiple themes: Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, Agile & AI, Strategy and Governance, or even the Data Science Bootcamps! Over 30 sponsors showcased their work in incredible and customized 2D and 3D sponsor booths! The event hub, a resource library, was filled with a lot of exclusive information, also an opportunity to display some of the content prepared by sponsors! SIGS DATACOM, the event’s host, certainly knows how to take out the best of SCOOCS! Learn more about all the events hosted by SIGS DATACOM!

virtual event tool
"TDWI München Digital" timeline

EQUIP 2021 - Qualitative Research in Psychology in Europe

The 1st Conference of the Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP), was held online in 2021. The aim was to create new bridges and bring together qualitative researchers in psychology from different European countries, powered by SCOOCS! Over 250 participants shared experiences for 3 days, with multiple keynotes, symposiums, thematic sessions, and workshops. The program also had a lot of networking moments, with the SCOOCS virtual event tool: the networking tables, the match roulette, or the matchmaking module! The media library was also the place for a social program, with thematic movies. The EQuiP team managed to host an engaging conference and take out the most of all the SCOOCS features!

virtual event tool
"EQUIP 2021" timeline

If you want to learn more about our features and how can we help you to boost your virtual and hybrid event, check out here!

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