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Virtual event engagement tools to skyrocket your networking

Networking is one of the main reasons why people attend events. We made online engagement more effective and efficient. Check our virtual event engagement tools to discover how!

Check other participants’ profiles, social media links or schedule a meeting

Our networking tables are the dream of every event organizer

One of our most appreciated virtual event engagement tools

Have your participants connect and network randomly

Meaningful and more engaged networking

Attribute points and reward your participants with our Gamification Board

Enable your CO2 Calculator and help us save the world by investing in environmental projects

1-1 Networking

Participants can interact with other participants via private message, check other participants’ profiles and social media links, or schedule 1-1 video or call meetings.


Networking Tables

Imagine a venue where you can see at one glance all the rooms available, the themes discussed, and who is at which table! Our networking tables are a very versatile virtual event engagement tool: you can even have private tables reserved for your VIP attendees, allowing participants to create their own booth and manage tables via CSV upload.

Tag-Based Matchmaking

One of our most appreciated virtual event engagement tools is our tag-based matchmaking. As an event host, you can define different tags that your participants will then use to define their interests. They will then be able to find peers that share the same interests among participants, and engage in a conversation on that topic!

Match Roulette

This virtual event engagement tool will delight your participants, and will make your event memorable. Our Match Roulette will randomly sort participants together in a video room. This is a possibility for attendees to interact and connect with anyone at the event. You can choose the number of participants that you would like to gather in the video rooms and after that, SCOOCS will do the rest!

Curated Matchmaking

This virtual event engagement tool allows you to easily set up and manage truly meaningful matchmaking sessions by combining relevant profile labels. Create profile labels that users can add to their profiles. Select the relevant labels per match and scan thousands of participants to create random meetings that meet the requirements. Define a match duration, transition, and break time. Stay on top of what is happening with the real-time overview of which matches took place and which ones did not, as well as who missed a match and how were matches rated.

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Gamification Board

Boost your participants’ engagement with our gamification board: attribute points for each action performed on the website (attend a session, post a comment, and give a like), and reward your most engaged attendees! 

CO2 Calculator

Enable your CO2 Calculator and help us save the world! Enter the location where your event would usually take part, and ask your participants to also fill their location and the transportation mean they usually take to be at your physical event. Our CO2 Calculator will automatically check the saved CO2 on your event and we will double-down these savings, investing in environmental projects. Help us to save the planet at to reach to 1 million tons CO2 saved.

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