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re:publica 21 - In the Meantime

Being Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference, for the past fourteen years, re:publica has hosted their yearly conference where participants came together to discuss current issues of digital society at the three-day festival. re:publica participants represent a cross-section of (digital) society, which include professionals from economics, politics, business, hacker culture, NGOs, media, and marketing, as well as bloggers, activists, artists, and social media experts. In the year of 2019 re:publica joined together around 25.000 people.



In the mean time



Taking all this into a purely digital conference was no easy feat. Despite already having an online event on the year of 2020, re:publica 2021 was not an only a broadcasting event, but one where participants engagement took a big stance. One of the main aspects of re:publica 21 was to take this long-standing physical event to a completely new virtual setting. Despite already having an online event on the year of 2020, re:publica 21 was not an only a broadcasting event, but one where participants engagement, design and an all-in-one platform was necessary.

Project Goals


One of the biggest aspects of re:publica21 – In the Meantime, was not only to have a platform where all event attendees were able to come together but also to recognize re:publica’s identity. To make this the happen, a fully customizable environment was necessary. With the use of SCOOCS, all the colours, fonts, images, all in all re: publica signature design was now available for the event participants not just recognize but enjoy.

Big Numbers

As a very content heavy event, re:publica21 was able to get together close to 4000 participants from all over the world. During the three-day conference nearly 300 speakers joined the event to discuss in over 100 sessions.

A lot of connections

Engagement and networking were one of main goals during the three days of re:publica 21 – In The Meantime. This was possible by using features such as participant matches, networking tables and both public and private chats. As a content heavy event with sponsors to showcase, information to share tools such as the event hub and the virtual booth came into play making re:publica21 even better!


event hub units

Attendee Feedback

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