The Most Important Features to Look for in Hybrid Event Platforms

Hybrid events are becoming more and more popular. Hybrid event platforms, which allow attendees to engage with digital content and in-person interactions, can increase attendance rates at conferences, workshops, networking events, and other live gatherings. This article will take a look at what features you should be looking for when searching for hybrid event platforms, as well as the benefits of using them.

Benefits of using hybrid event platforms

Hybrid events have become very popular in recent times because they bridge the gap between in-person and digital events. Covid-19 brought widespread lockdown restrictions in most countries globally, which meant that in-person events were physically not possible. As a result, hybrid events have become a very important aspect of events in general.

What features should you be looking for in a Hybrid Events Platform?

Branding: Branding is an important part of any event and it’s no different for a hybrid event. The ability to display your company colors, logo and other branding on the hybrid event platform is a must-have feature.

Content Formats: The actual content that you are delivering to your audience and the source of that content will play a big part in keeping your audience engaged.

A hybrid event platform that can deliver the content in different forms, such as live streaming, pre-recorded videos, etc., goes a long way to keep the audience interested and engaged while sitting in front of their screens.

Sponsorship: Sponsors are an important aspect of income generation for an event. Hybrid events allow you to work with sponsors as long as the platform can host virtual booths where attendees can engage with your sponsors in a meaningful way.

Therefore, the ability to host sponsors and have virtual booths is an important feature to look for in a hybrid event platform.

Platform Analytics: The ability to measure the success of a hybrid event is vitally important. The analytics and reporting of a hybrid event platform will give you the numbers which allow you to determine the success of your event by tracking the data of the attendees. This analytics is also key in understanding what sessions your attendees participated in.

Networking Capabilities: A big drawcard for any event, in-person or online, is the ability to network with fellow attendees. A hybrid event platform with networking capabilities is a big plus point & could be the difference between a good event & a great event that your attendees talk about to their peers.

Agendas For Attendees: Most live, in-person events have schedules telling attendees what time to expect the individual presentations delivered during the event. Having attendee agendas for hybrid events is vital so that it is a good user experience because then they know what to expect.

Choose the best hybrid events platform for your next event.

Now that you understand the features of the best hybrid event platforms, you should consider which features are the most important for your particular event and your audience.

We trust that we have equipped you with the information needed to choose the best hybrid event platform for you.

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