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Mastering the Art of Networking: 5 Tips for IT companies

SCOOCS will take part in the web summit startup program 2022

Are you going to the Web Summit? Let’s meet! SCOOCS will be a part of the Web Summit startup programme 2022!

web summit in Lisbon

The SCOOCS insider’s guide to the Web Summit in Lisbon (with a bonus map!)

Whether it is your first time here or you are already a habitué, we will have tips for you, follow our lead!

SCOOCS secures first investment round to double-down on smart events and communities

We are excited to share with our clients and the market that SCOOCS just raised 1 million euros in investment

Understanding SCOOCS, the all-in-one event platform

Let’s delve into the SCOOCS event platform features.

The virtual Reeperbahn Festival on SCOOCS gets awarded

We are proud that the close work of Scoocs and the Reeperbahn Festival hast been awarded to be such extraordinary work.