SCOOCS secures first investment round to double-down on smart events and communities

Introducing SCOOCS

We are excited to share with our clients and the market that SCOOCS just raised 1 million euros in investment from business angel Sebastian Loh, a renowned businessman from Germany, who decided to invest in SCOOCS after attending an event as a participant, meeting the team and confirming that not only the product and market has a lot of potential, but also the team behind it is fierce and excited to win.

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SCOOCS new features for your virtual and hybrid events

Online Conferencing

As you know, hybrid is the future. This month we invite you to create your future hybrid events with our new On-Site, Online, and Hybrid labels, tryout the new virtual booths overview, and checkout our latest SCOOCS Academy videos! Also,our referral program is back to help you save some money! Let’s dive into all the SCOOCS new features!

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Make your company save Co2 with digital events

A large proportion of companies would like to save more CO2. With Coronavirus, many companies have succeeded in doing so, even involuntarily – especially through the cancelled flights.
In the past, about 65 per cent of domestic German passengers were travelling for business. (1) The restricted travel worldwide and the cancellation of many events has certainly contributed to the record decline in global CO2 emissions in 2020.

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