SCOOCS will take part in the web summit startup program 2022

Are you going to the Web Summit? Let’s meet! SCOOCS will be a part of the Web Summit startup programme 2022! You can find our team in this event that will take place from November 1st, 2022 to November 4th, 2022. Come meet us at our booth on November 4th at Pavilion 1, Stand Number B109!

The Web Summit is the go-to technology conference, and it’s been held in Lisbon (the city where most of the SCOOCS team is located), since 2016. It’s one of the most important in-person events for the startup ecosystem, and we are very excited to make new connections! Would you like to learn more about the Web Summit startup programme? Continue to read to find out more!

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2 November 2021; Attendees at the Doglabs start up booth during day one of Web Summit 2021 at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by Eóin Noonan/Web Summit via Sportsfile – Creative Commons – (CC BY 2.0)

What is the Web Summit Startup Programme?

 The Web Summit Startup Programme offers special pricing and journey for the chosen startups at the Lisbon Web Summit. Once accepted, startups can access the event at a special rate, with 3 tickets included for the team members, a booth, and the possibility to apply to the startup activations. Startups are chosen according to their evolution stage, and there are 3 categories: ALPHA, BETA, and GROWTH.

 The programme promotes networking among startups, investors, peers, and other event attendees, with a lot of startup activation moments. The selected startups will also have their logo, website, and social media channels on the dedicated page on the public event website.

First of all, the programme startups are invited to create a profile and a pitch deck, that will be visible to all the Web Summit attendees in an internal portal. The startup can add to the profile if it’s looking for investment, and this information will be visible to all investors. The pitch deck is a PowerPoint presentation of the company which explains briefly the problem solved and the business plan.

The startup programme also includes a success manager, preparation and networking sessions before the event, and some perks specific to the growth stage. In our case, we have been selected as a BETA company, which includes the BETA Mingle hours (networking events to discuss themes such as funding experiences, recruitment challenges, etc). Companies also have to apply to the startup activations before the event.

The Web Summit Startup Programme Activations

The programme is packed with startup activation moments and networking opportunities.

Investor to Startup Meetings

Investors can browse the Web Summit Startup Programme companies, and pre-schedule a 15-minutes meeting with the selected ones.

Startup roundtables

The startup roundtables are 60-minute discussions about important subjects for the startup community. Companies must apply to be a part of these roundtables and will be granted access per order of arrival. Themes such as impact, community-building among remote teams, or hiring tactics, will be some of the topics of this Web Summit startup roundtables edition, and they will take place on the 3rd day of the event.

Startup masterclasses

There will be different startup masterclasses during the whole event. This year’s startup masterclasses will cover themes such as “Growth during a recession”, “How to create FOMO when fundraising” or “How Blockchain Can Help Tackle Climate Change”.

Web Summit
Web Summit Flickr – License Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)


This activation is the biggest Web Summit startup programme competition, and one of the most important moments for the startup ecosystem. Companies may apply to this activation and the 105 companies selected will pitch in front of a jury, on PITCH stages. 8 of these startups will be selected for a semi-final on the central stage, in which they will “pitch-battle” against other startups, and only 3 will dispute the final. The winner will be the Web Summit PITCH champion. This competition is open for ALPHA and BETA startups with less than 5 million in funding up to date.

Startup Showcase

Startups are invited to showcase their solutions to major problems in 2 minutes to the audience. These moments will happen on the smaller stages, and the different presentations will be grouped by common themes.

Mentor Hours

Mentor Hours are 45-minute meetings between startups and mentors, defined by the Web Summit Startup programme team as “high-level attendees who have done it all before”. There are 4 different tracks:

Startups also have to apply to this activation before the event.

Machine Demo

This startup activation is a competition for IoT, AI, VR, and AR companies. 20 startups will be selected to do a 6-minutes product demo. A judge will pick the Web Summit Machine Demo champion.

40 words

40 words is an elevator pitch of the size of Altice Arena! Startups are invited to submit their videos with a maximum of 25 seconds and 40 words long. The selected videos will be showcased on the Web Summit screens during the event!

We hope that you enjoyed learning more about the Web Summit Startup Programme! If you are coming to Lisbon take the time to visit the city! Find here the places you cannot miss!

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