SCOOCS Hosts the Future of Software and Business with SIGS DATACOM

SIGS DATACOM is a leading provider of advanced training in the fields of software architecture and engineering, data and insights, as well as artificial intelligence. SIGS DATACOM offers high-quality specialist information to software architects, IT project managers/managers, experienced programmers, developers and business intelligence/analytics professionals, project managers and consultants as well as AI professionals and data scientists.







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SCOOCS is proud to be SIGS DATACOM’s events trusted partner. To kick-start 2021, we hosted the first digital edition of OOP, with the theme SOFTWARE MEETS BUSINESS: The Conference for Software Architecture. This is one of the most well-known and largest software conferences in Germany, connecting thousands of IT project managers, experienced developers, and programers. This year, SCOOCS helped OOP host 9 parallel tracks delivering 170 lectures to over 3,500 developers during a 5-day event to discuss the latest trends from the field of software technology and feature practice-oriented presentations from experienced and recognized speakers, in a fun and engaging online environment.

If you are wondering how SCOOCS can empower you to exceed the needs and expectations of your stakeholders, this short story about how the OOP team was able to articulate 3 different conferences into 1 huge virtual event was written for you!

Christoph Kreutz, SIGS DATACOM Christoph Kreutz, SIGS DATACOM
“Working with SCOOCS has been a great experience for SIGS DATACOM! Not only did we manage to turn all our events into successful virtual experiences, but we were also able to fully customize each event to fit our target audience and specific needs. SCOOCS is our choice and recommendation for managing and hosting customized, intuitive, and engaging online and hybrid events! ”

Project Goals

3 Different Conferences in 1 Large Virtual Event

When managing and hosting one virtual event is in itself more than many event managers can handle, the OOP team ventured into the unthinkable and brought their THREE traditionally onsite conferences into ONE large virtual event. Attendees were essentially full-participants of one of the three conferences – i.e. OOP, Fachforen, or Code Days – and had limited access to the content of other conferences. In order to ensure a seemless user experience, navigation was facilitated via a fully customized main entrance lobby and clickable conference banners from within the different dashboards.

Analytics 3.0

One of the greatest benefits of virtual conferences is the vast amount of insightful user behavior data available. SCOOCS Analytics Center already allowed event hosts to track session attendance, session engagement, and networking moments; yet, the OOP team pushed us further.

With approximately 20 virtual booths, the OOP team wished to allow booth representatives to know who was visiting their booth, when, for how long, and clicking on what. To make this wish come true, SCOOCS not only grew the tracking algorithm but also built the possibility to allow backend access to real-time analytics to the booth representatives of each booth.

+3500 Users Across 9 Parallel Tracks​

SCOOCS dashboard provides a quick overview of the agenda for each event day. With such a packed agenda, the ability to create, customize and manage 9 simultaneous stages was essential for the OOP team!

The stages ran for 5 full-days and were divided as Keynotes, Full-day Tutorial, Half-day Tutorial, and Workshops, welcoming top-class keynotes and talks from speakers like Cathleen Berger, Grady Brooch, Aino Vonge Corry, Kevlin Henney, Carola Lilienthal, Sandra Parsick, Linda Rising, Lars Röwekamp, Gernot Starke, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Eberhard Wolff, Joseph Yoder and many more! If anyone got lost or needed help, SCOOCS tech support was always available to answer any doubts or troubleshoot any technology-related issues.


From February 8th - 12th, 2021, SIGS DATACOM delivered more than 170 lectures on 5 days, 13 topics and up to 9 parallel tracks!

IT Project Managers, Developers, and Programmers
Virtual Booths
Parallel Tracks

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