Why Partnering with the right Hybrid Event Company is Essential

Covid-19 has changed the mindset of event attendees worldwide as they have been exposed to technology which they hadn’t dared to use pre-Covid. The new event norms established due to Covid restrictions mean that the way events are hosted has changed in a marked yet very positive way.

Hybrid events are a vital part of any event host’s strategy going forward, so working with a Hybrid event company with a world-class event platform is essential.

What is a hybrid event?

A Hybrid event is a single event where part of the audience attending the event is attending in-person at an event venue, while the other part of the audience is attending the event virtually by logging into the event on their desktop or mobile device.

What to look for when choosing a Hybrid Event Company

When deciding to host a Hybrid event, there are certain aspects of the event which you need to ensure that the event platform can provide.

A Hybrid event is one single event and should never be seen as two separate events for in-person and virtual attendees.

To make the attendees, both in-person & virtual, feel that they are part of one audience, the hosts of the event must ensure that they are and their speakers are simultaneously engaging with the in-person & the virtual attendees. This engagement is essential so that the entire audience feels like they are part of the event experience in a meaningful way.

A great way of engaging with all the attendees is by having them participate in polls, surveys and Q & A sessions. These activities are great ways to make the attendees feel like they are part of the event experience and interact in a meaningful way. It also gives the event host a substantial amount of data that can be used to improve the current event and future events, can be used in marketing, and interactions with the audience going forward.

high-quality Hybrid event platform needs to give the in-person & virtual event attendees the ability to participate in these polls, surveys & Q & A’s in a totally inclusive way so that they feel like they’re one audience interacting with the speakers or event hosts.

Another essential aspect of any event is the networking that takes place between attendees or participants at the event. Many attendees value the networking as much as the information they receive during the presentations, so the Hybrid event company you work with must have an events platform that allows interactive networking among the virtual attendees.


When dealing with a Hybrid event company, it’s clear that certain features are essential for the Hybrid events platform that they provide.

The SCOOCS event platform provides polls, surveys, Q & A’s and gives the ability to network. It also provides a host of many other features which are required to host a high-quality Hybrid event. Speak with our team to learn more!

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