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Endless customization and features for your Virtual & Hybrid Events

Meet our amazing virtual event platform features. Create awesome event experiences that meet the needs of your attendees and generate revenue for your stakeholders
Virtual event platform features


Make online conferencing easy with our virtual event platform features and tools.

All the participants can experience an easy onboarding: a smooth check-in experience, with personal greetings from a welcome video and guidance on how to use the platform.


Networking is one of the main reasons why people attend events. We know how important these virtual event
platform features are for the success of your event, that’s why we made online networking more effective and easy than in-person networking.

Check our networking features to discover how!

Virtual event platform features
Virtual event platform features


We want to build the best virtual event platform features to deliver the best results for your event.

That’s why we have these nice extras for your event, check them out!

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