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International Day of Climate Action 2021

For the past few decades, Mother Earth has been facing climate change with a rise in global temperature. This is due to devastating extreme weather and carbon dioxide emissions throughout the world. If we talk about last year, the average increase in global temperature was 1.02 Degrees Celsius. This number is likely to increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial era in the next few years.

With keeping the above stats in mind, the International Day of Climate Action is celebrated to inform people regarding the reality of Climate change. The other goal is to encourage them to follow environmental-friendly habits that are for the betterment of this world.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the objectives of International Climate Action in detail and what are the things that we can do for Mother Earth. But before we dive into that, let’s have a look at the history of International Day of Climate Action!

History of International Day of Climate Action

International Day of Climate Action is a direct action protest format that the Environmentalists initiated in 2005 in connection with the Global Climate Campaign. The day’s main focus is to inform the people about the effects that humans are having on global warming. Moreover, this day demands the elected representatives of the governments to honor the commitments set forth by the Kyoto Protocol (This was an international Treaty that committed states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions).

In 2005, more than 35 countries around the world held different protests regarding climate change. Fast forward to last year (2020), more than 154 countries and 2362 cities had events to increase awareness about the rapid increase of global emissions and resources worldwide. However, it should be remembered that last year, the whole world was occupied by the Coronavirus, and due to that, a considerable number of participants were restricted due to Covid restrictions.

This year, the Global Day of Action will occur on November 6. Climate activists from different communities around the world will gather together with the primary goal to raise awareness of climate change. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) are organizing a Global Conference on “Health and Climate Change” on November 6 with the main aim to support the climate change policies.

Objectives of International Day of Climate Action

As we get into details, here is why the International Day of Climate Action is celebrated:

- Inform Everyone About Climate Change

As we know, climate change is one of the biggest problems we are facing today. It is imperative that we learn about how it is going to impact Earth in the years to come, and what changes we can make in order to preserve it.

- Change Peoples' Thinking

The main purpose of the International Day of Climate Action is to encourage people to think about what this world means to them and how they can show their appreciation. Helping the environment by changing the destructive habits of using more than required resources is one of the mindsets that this day tries to encourage.

- Take Action

A big part of why we celebrate International Day of Climate Action is to encourage individuals in our community to do their part to preserve our world. One big step is to start by choosing products that are reusable instead of disposables, or recycle paper, plastic, etc., after using them. This can go a long way when it comes to decreasing the rate of climate change or global warming.

Here is an example that can help you understand why recycling and persevering are essential. A single recycled plastic bottle saves enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for four hours. Not only this, but it also creates 20 Percent less Air Pollution and 50 Percent less Water pollution compared to creating a new bottle.

What can we do?

As climate change is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of our world, there are things that we need to do as individuals and as a group to reduce its effect.

- What Governments need to do?

Countries are playing their part in helping the environment by signing various agreements like the Paris Accord. The agreement’s main goal is to keep the temperature below 2 Degrees Celsius or ideally 1.5 Degree Celsius. The UN organized the Paris Accord in 2016, and nearly every country on the planet earth has endorsed the Paris Agreement.

What the governments need to do now is to take action on these agreements and start working to achieve the goals mentioned in the Accord.

- What Big Corporations can do?

On the International Day of Climate Action, big corporations with a wide audience can organize different knowledge-based virtual seminars on awareness of climate change and inform the people what they can do to stop climate breakdown.

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- Responsibilities as an individual

As an individual, there are some responsibilities upon you that you have to do in order to protect the world from climate change. You can start by following the conventional ways to protect the environment. Those ways include powering your home with renewable energy, using products that use efficient energy, unplug outlets when leaving the room, reduce water waste, recycle plastic, and most importantly, shrink your carbon profile.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that climate change has a huge impact on our society, and with time, it is slowly destroying our planet. That is why, as a society, we need to work on things to reduce the negatives in our world. A few examples are: deforestation, plastic use, fossil fuels, excessive use of pesticides, and other things that pollute the environment.

Not only this, governments, corporations, and big organizations also need to start taking the climate problem seriously and need to keep down the global temperature from rising to a dangerous level. The only way we can reduce it is by celebrating the International Day of Climate Action in a proper way and encouraging the people to organize their activities.

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