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5 Sustainable Ideas for Your Event

The pandemic has been negatively affecting the economical, financial, and public health sector like no one imagined. However, at least one beneficial aspect came out of this. Our planet has been grateful for the pandemic since it helped with its preservation, less CO2 emissions, less consumption of resources, and so on. Caring about the environment has been gaining awareness around the world and we need to face the fact that the threat of having our days counted on Earth is real.

The goal is for everyone to start doing small changes to help preserve our planet. That is why we decided to start with a current and refreshing topic: events! Having a sustainable event is not as hard as you might think, and it has everything to be a huge success!

In the original article we mention five ideas for your sustainable event. Those ideas will be highlighted below along with a small description.

5 Sustainable Event Ideas:

  • Choose eco-friendly venues – First, check for sustainable certificates. Second, choose an adequate venue size according to the number of guests for your event as well as a centrally located venue. Lastly, look for a venue that recycles and uses sustainable material.
  • Consider Accessible Transportation Options – First step is to know from where your guests are coming from. After this, consider shuttle services, carpooling, and the use of electric, hydrogen and hybrid cars.
  • Switch to Digital – Eliminate paper hand-outs and try to swap all printed materials to digital. Of course, our best advice for you is to do an online event!
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – Go plastic-free! Choose reusable materials and use recycling materials. We also recommend you opt for LED lighting.
  • Reduce food waste – Start by choosing in-season food provided by local vendors. When planning the menu, do it according to the actual number of attendees that will be present in the event. Avoid self-serving stations and replace it with innovative catering services. Choose meals that you can later reuse the leftovers for other occasions or talk directly with a food waste organization!

These are only five sustainable event ideas, but there are so many others. We believe that with these suggestions you will be able to organize a sustainable and successful event! We assure you that these recommendations are not difficult to implement and once you do, you will not want to change back. You need try at least one of these ideas and be amazed with the positive results.

Want to read more? The full article is available on MoreThanDigital.info5 Ideas For Sustainable & Successful Events

Join us in helping our planet!

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