How your hybrid event agency can benefit from working with SCOOCS

With more and more companies shifting to hybrid meetings, hybrid events have become the real deal now! According to research done by etc.venues, 73 Percent of the event organizers think that hybrid events are here to stay and they will be more common in the future.

If you are also considering hosting a hybrid event for your company, then there is a chance that you may have come across a platform named SCOOCS. Let’s dive in and find out what exactly is SCOOCS and what benefits it can offer to your hybrid event agency.

What is SCOOCS?

SCOOCS (Smart Customizable Online Offline Conferences for Sustainability) is an all-in-one event and community platform. With a sustainable mindset, SCOOCS allows companies to organize more engaging meetings for the audience.

The company has already hosted many events around the globe. This includes trade fairs, academic & science conferences, and even music festivals. SCOOCS is such a versatile platform that it can cater to a large number of virtual conferences. Either a conference with 10 thousand attendees or a simple online course meeting with 30 participants.

To see what benefits it can provide to your agency, let’s get to SCOOCS features.

Features of SCOOCS

Event Setup

SCOOCS takes the stress out of setting up an event by giving the users an easy setup. Here are some features that are conducive to an easy setup:

● Customized Events

The platform has a white labeling feature that allows the organizers to host a customizable event with a separate server on demand, supported in multiple idioms. This feature can come in handy if you are hosting an event where you want the participants to feel that this is their event, elevate your brand, and enhance your organization’s reputation to the next level.

● Allows to host multiple events

SCOOCS allows the users to organize and host multiple simultaneous events, multiple sponsors at the same time. Furthermore, the platform integrates with the system you use in your business with CRMs such as Hubspot, Salesforce & Pardot, Google & Outlook, iCal, and social media accounts.

● Effortless Onboarding

When hosting an event, onboarding attendees can be a daunting task, that is why SCOOCS provides a token-protected registration for the participants and fast check-in to make the process of registering a whole lot easier. Besides this, a downloadable attendees list is also available for the organizers to keep track of the participants.

Read more about how to Setup Hybrid Events in 5 Steps.


SCOOCS allows the users to make their event more engaging by providing these essential tools:

● Networking

Networking is essential and crucial to fulfilling the attendees’ business goals, i.e., to interact with the relevant people of their field at the event. For this purpose, the platform allows 1-1 networking via chat box, video calls between the participants, speakers, sponsors, and hosts. The platform can also record the video sessions and save them for later viewing and replay. Besides that, you can also live-stream your event.

● Interactive Sessions

What everyone looks at in a hybrid event platform is its ability to provide interactive features that allow the participants to feel that they are part of this event. SCOOCS takes care of this by offering features such as Q&A sessions (Private and Public), Polls, Surveys, gamification, Matchmaker, and more.


One of the best features that an online virtual event platform can provide to its customers is the ability to analyze the event’s data, which as a result, allows the company to improve and optimize future events.

This is where SCOOCS shines. It enables you to track the participant’s behavior and how well they are engaged with the other attendees or also in general. In addition to that, the platform also has the ability to track how many meetings have been booked, the duration of specific actions, how long sessions have been viewed, how long they engaged with a sponsor, analysis of the polls, surveys, and many more things.


Technology is what makes a platform world-class, and state-of-the-art technology is used in the SCOOCS. SCOOCS is a cloud-based platform that allows the organizer to access the event on multiple devices without any hassle. Besides that, the platform has a 99.5 Percent uptime that ensures the event you are organizing will never go down, which builds credibility amongst attendees.

Here is an insight into the list of all the features that SCOOCS provides its users.

Why should you choose SCOOCS?

Here are some reasons why you should go with SCOOCS when hosting a hybrid event:


Usually, virtual hosting platforms cost tons of bucks, but SCOOCS is an exception: the platform is so budget-friendly that it costs only $119 per month for a basic package that includes all the essential features of the platform. You can literally host your entire event for as low as $119!

Moreover, if your company has a history of holding regular virtual events, you can opt for an annual package, and then one month’s cost will be reduced to just 99$.

Apart from the basic packages, SCOOCS also provides an experience plan and a professional plan where you can get a custom quote for your event. This means, no matter how small or big your virtual event is- you can always count on SCOOCS to save the day for you!

Custom Development Service

Want a custom feature for your hybrid or virtual event that no other platform provides? Well, no worries because SCOOCS has got you covered in that department as well!

Apart from a plethora of useful features, SCOOCS provides its customers an added benefit of requesting a custom feature and not many platforms provide that. So, if you feel the need of having a custom feature designed to manage your event- SCOOCS is the obvious choice!

Fulfilling Corporate Responsibility by using Eco-Friendly resources

With a platform like SCOOCS, you can organize hybrid events and fulfill your corporate responsibility by using eco-friendly resources which can reduce CO2 emissions. The platform’s main goal is to provide sustainability to the environment and use SCOOCS as a medium to have a positive impact on the world.

SCOOCS even allows the companies to calculate how much CO2 they saved by not organizing an in-person event. The calculator is so easy to use: all you have to do is tell the calculator where the event is being held, from where the attendees will be traveling, what transport they will use, and then the calculator tells you how much CO2 you will be saving by hosting a hybrid event. Read more here on how you can make your company save Co2 with digital events.

Wrapping it Up!

With SCOOCS you will get all the tools necessary for hosting a successful virtual event and some more- because the team at SCOOCS is always willing to go the extra mile! Virtual and hybrid events are the future and if you are looking to host one- get in touch with us now and let us take care of the rest for you.

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