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SCOOCS new features for your virtual and hybrid events

As you know, hybrid is the future. This month we invite you to create your future hybrid events with our new On-Site, Online, and Hybrid labels, tryout the new virtual booths overview, and checkout our latest SCOOCS Academy videos! Also,our referral program is back to help you save some money! Let’s dive into all the SCOOCS new features!

On-Site, Online or Hybrid: The Future of Hybrid Event Agendas

One of the (many) questions about going hybrid is how to manage different user types’ experiences? If you are wondering how to design meaningful online and onsite event experiences, this feature is for you! Create a hybrid event, invite online and on-site users, and design two different event agenda: one for online users, consisting of online and hybrid sessions, and one for on-site users, consist of on-site and hybrid sessions. In this way, you can guarantee the right content and format is delivered to the right attendee.

SCOOCS new features: Virtual Booths Overview

Pursuing our mission to be the most customer-centric and intuitive virtual event platform, we heard your prayers, and created a new virtual booths overview! You can now filter your booths by type (2D, 3D, Poster Booths, and 3D World), by status (Active or Inactive), and search for a booth using the new search bar! It’s also possible to easily edit, clone, check your booth status (active or non-active), see your booth representatives, and delete a booth (be careful on this one!).

What’s that on the top of the page?! Virtual Booth Event ANALYTICS! This new overview also allows you to quickly see how many booths you have created, how many are active, and the total number of participants that have visited an event’s booths.

SCOOCS Academy Goes Live on YouTube

With sooo many features every week, we try our best to keep up with short, step-by-step, videos in the SCOOCS Academy bot! This month we redesigned our entire video library and went LIVE on YouTube! All the videos are now also organized on playlists with the following themes: setting up your event, manage and register users, engagement features, and virtual booths. Visit our SCOOCS Academy, and learn how to make the most out of your platform!

Save Money With our Referral Program

As a SCOOCS customer, when you refer someone to SCOOCS, you – and the organization you refer – can each earn 500€ of credit for the next event*.

* Each event is eligible to one referral discount. This program runs until 31/12/2021. Credits have no cash value and may only be applied to a virtual event. Agencies excluded.

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