9 event manager blogs for impact, innovation, and inspiration! (+ 3 tips to make time to read them!)

How often have you felt, as an event manager, that you would like to spend more time learning about the event industry, but you usually get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of planning and executing events? One of the best ways to be on top of the latest trends is to follow and read event manager blogs.

We know, it’s difficult to make the time to learn more about the last event management trends, but it’s important to stay up-to-date to come up with innovative ideas and strategies.

9 event manager blogs for impact, innovation, and inspiration!

In this article, we curated 9 outstanding event manager blogs in 3 main categories:

And because we know that prioritizing our self-development can be defying, we also provide 3 extra tips to help you make the time to learn from all these content creators. Are you ready to discover these remarkable event manager blogs?

Event Manager Blogs about Impact

Sustainability is in the order of the day in the event industry. Since we are currently using more resources than the earth has at our disposal, sustainability is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity. These blogs will help you to go greener, reduce your carbon footprint, and to be an impact-driven event manager!

Vision2025 – Taking action on the climate crisis

Vision 2025 is a network of outdoor event planners taking action on the climate crisis. In their blog, you can find a series of interviews with event planners about their sustainability journey, called “Green Leaders”. The guest post area also curates best practices and success stories. On the Vision 2025 website, you will also find a resource hub, the green supplier directory, an Environmental Impact Report for the UK Festival and Outdoor Events Industry, and the Green Events Code, which sets the goals and minimum sustainability standards for the event industry. 

Warwick Events – Learn from certified B-Corp event managers

We could say that Warwick Events is a UK-based sustainable event agency, which is possibly true. But all in their work breaths a profound respect for the industry, their activity, and the planet. They prefer to be called “your sustainable event partner”, and they help companies to do events that do good, and feel good. In their blog, they cover different themes, such as tips on how to host hybrid events, sustainable event strategy, and inspiration.

Ecofriendly Events – A sustainable event manager blog powered by renewable energy

Romina is an event consultant and founder of Ecofriendly Events. On her website, you will find a lot of resources, such as the eco-friendly party planning guide or a regular newsletter with a list of curated eco-friendly resources. In her blog, she covers her insider’s tips on sustainable event planning, covering themes such as “how to incorporate sustainability in your event budget”, or “how do you convince your clients to go green?”. She is also a member of “The Good Green”, a community of sustainable event professionals, and an eco-vendor directory with a blog that is also an inspiration goldmine!

MeetGreen – Sustainability Resources that you don’t want to miss

MeetGreen is a sustainable event management agency with multiple tourism, meetings, and events industries awards. Here, you will find valuable free sustainability resources, such as “my event footprint”, where you can calculate your event CO2 savings. In the blog you will find a lot of insightful real-world advice, to help you in your sustainability journey.

9 event manager blogs for impact, innovation, and inspiration!

Event Manager Blogs about Innovation

If you want to learn about the latest news in the Innovation field, these 2 suggestions will help you with this task.

HYPE Innovation Blog

HYPE Innovation empowers businesses to drive innovation with the help of a software solution. Events are also at the core of their activity, promoting knowledge about the best practices and real-life experiences, so everyone can learn from peers’ successes and failures. The blog covers a large range of themes, such as ideation, methods and frameworks, disruption and transformation, collaboration, and sustainability.

Inchainge Learning Solutions

Inchainge has a game-changer approach to innovation. The company provides immersive training that brings participants to a situation where they are in charge of businesses, and must innovate to thrive! There are different challenges, focused on supply-chain management, finance, sustainability, or circularity. In their blog and webinars, you can learn more about the real case studies of their approach, and also about other important themes, such as data analytics or the transition to circularity and sustainability.

Event Manager Blogs for Inspiration

Last but not least, an event manager needs to fuel his creativity with inspiring events and professionals! This is vital to keep your audience engagement and experience at their best levels! Here are our inspirational suggestions.

Frank Wild

Refreshing and Inspiring, Frank Wild knows how to run the show! Let yourself be inspired by these wow (and sustainable), events.

MGN Events

The corporate MGN Events Blog is full of beautiful inspirations, amazing tips, and the most refreshing ideas for event managers. “Creative thinkers, cool under pressure, powered by coffee – that pretty much sums up the MGN events management team. We love what we do, we work (and play!) hard, relish every challenge a brief presents, and always think outside the box.” Well, we guess this is a very illustrative presentation, and yes, their blog confirms their outstanding creativity. 

9 event manager blogs for impact, innovation, and inspiration!

Extra 3 tips on how to make time to read these blog posts suggestions

Having a handful of extra event manager blog ideas is always useful, but what about the lack of time that we have addressed at the beginning of this article? We want to share with you our best tips to help you to find the time to learn from all this amazing content.

Listen to the Blog Posts

Listening to blog posts is one of the best ways to make time to read them. There are many websites and apps that allow you to listen to blog posts, such as BlogReader and AudioRead. These services allow you to listen to blog posts at your own pace and make the content easier to digest. Listening to blog posts is also a great way to multitask – you can listen to blog posts while doing other activities such as driving, exercising, or working.

Pomodoro Reading

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that can be used to make time for reading blog posts. This technique involves breaking down tasks into 25-minute intervals, with a 5-minute break in between each interval. By using this method, you can break down your reading into manageable blocks. Believe us, 1 block per day will make the difference!

Set a Catch-Up Monthly Event

Another way to make time to read blog posts is to set aside a specific day each month as a “blog post day.” On this day, you can make it a priority to read all the blog posts that you want to. This will help you stay on top of your reading, and catch up with the articles you haven’t managed to read before.

If you want to take your learning a step further, we have the perfect complement to these event manager blogs suggestions: find here our essential guide for online events management courses!

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