The essential guide for online events management courses

Whether you’re organizing your first online event or preparing the next one, you may feel the need to improve your virtual and hybrid events planning skills. In this article, we gathered some online events management courses that will help you step-up your game!

Why should I take a course on online event management?

According to Statista, 40% of the worldwide marketing events in 2022 will take place online. This means that despite the in-person events boom after the pandemic years, virtual events are still in demand. You may need to increase your social proof by adding a virtual events course to your resume, improving your skills in virtual and hybrid event networking, or event to start your community. There are a lot of reasons to invest in your online events management training:

Leaving your comfort zone may be defying, but it will most likely pay off.

Enrolling in training sessions is one of the best ways to meet new like-minded people and build new connections in your industry.

You want to show your future employers or your clients that you mean business and that you are committed to delivering high-quality work.

This is usually the final expected outcome of your training efforts: more knowledge and skills which translate into better results.

We have curated a selection of training courses that tick one (or all!), of these boxes. They are organized by level, from free beginner courses to advanced certifications. Go directly to the area that fits you the best, and discover the suggestions we have for you! 

The essential guide for online events management courses
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Free Beginner Online Events Management Courses

If you have just decided to start organizing online events, it’s important to start with some basics and event management 101. This content is not all only about online events, but general event planning foundations. Here are some ideas:

Event Planning Training Videos, Eye Inspire Events

This free event management training course was created by Lisa Peters, an event manager from Canada with over 25 years of experience. The videos cover a wide range of important themes, such as establishing your event goals, event scheduling, timeline, budget, and risk assessments, as well as sponsorship and event marketing. You can find the videos for free on Lisa’s company website, Eye Inspire Events. This course is also available on Udemy, and a paid version will allow you to obtain a certificate.

Diploma in Events Management, Alison

This event management free course is composed of 10 modules, where you will learn more about event strategy, event logistics, marketing, insurance, and taxes applied to the event industry, among many other themes. There is also a module on how to start your own business. The course content is available for free, and you can purchase your diploma after a final exam.

Virtual Event Management, Humak University of Applied Sciences

The Humak University of Applied Sciences is a Finnish University specializing in education, pedagogy, and cultural management. This University is one of the partners of the European project “Vevent”, which aims to explore new cultural event strategies after the economic distress provoked by the pandemic. A virtual event management course was created within the scope of this project and aims to help cultural producers to plan and produce virtual events.

The essential guide for online events management courses
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Beginner/Intermediate Level Online Events Management Courses

From this chapter on, all the courses will be specialized for online and hybrid events. Even if the program of these courses includes some basic knowledge about general event management, they are mostly specializations in virtual and hybrid events.

How to Plan a Virtual Event & Reach your Audience Online, Udemy

Mattias Cook worked in the event industry for more than 10 years. In this course, he shares his insights on all the different virtual event types and the technology needed to manage a virtual event, such as the sound, video, streaming, and of course, the event platforms. Also on Udemy you can find more content from this trainer: a more in-depth course about AV and event technology, and another one about sustainable events.

Duration: 1,5 hours

Price: 39,99 €

Pivoting to Virtual Events, Linkedin Learning

This beginner-level course is focused on virtual event content, delivery, engagement, and production. The trainer is Taylor Estes, an event producer with over 15 years of experience in the industry, and an entrepreneur. She will help you to work on your event ideation and design while addressing two main benefits of this format: the increased reach and the sustainability edge.

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: Included on your Linkedin Premium or Learning subscription

Virtual Events Workshop, Leornova

This workshop is specially tailored for academic institutions organizing partnership events. The trainers, Evelien Renders and Elisabeth Te Hennepe work at the University of Radboud. In this workshop, they share their experiences in the process digitalization area and international virtual events and training opportunities.

Duration: 3 afternoons over 3 weeks + flexible preparation time and team meet-ups

Price: From 335€ up to 535€, depending on your residence country

Virtual Events Training, QC Event School

The virtual events training is a specialty course of the QC Event School. This one-unit “mini-course” will cover topics such as the virtual event concept, online event technology, and how to keep your audience engaged.

Duration: Undisclosed

Price: 200 $

Planning and Delivering Virtual Events Successfully, University of the West of England

This professional course is part of the University of the West of England (UWE) Inspire Workshop Series. In this online training, you will learn more about event design, establishing your goals and matching them with your platform functionalities, and how to evaluate your event.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: £125

The essential guide for online events management courses
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Intermediate/Advanced Level Online Events Management Courses

In this section, you will find complete programs that require previous knowledge in event management and are specially designed for industry professionals.

VEI Certification Training Program, Virtual Events Institute

The Virtual Events Institute created an on-demand training program, the VEI Skills program. The 11 modules cover different aspects of event management and are led by recognized industry professionals as trainers, such as Nick Paul, Director of The Virtual Event Company, or Miguel Neves, Editor-in-chief of EventMB. The certification content includes the latest trends, such as event monetization, hybrid events production, or how to build an online community.

Duration: 11 hours (Full Certification)

Price: 495 $

Virtual Events Training, The Media House

Located in London, The Media House provides training, consultancy, and professional event management services for event professionals. It’s possible to attend their training public sessions (they have an on-site and an online offer), and they also organize tailored in-house event training for your company. The virtual events training includes valuable information on virtual and hybrid events production (contract and negotiation, sponsorship sales for virtual events, successful hybrid exhibitions), and virtual events marketing (digital marketing for virtual events or copywriting for virtual events).

Duration: Undisclosed

Price: Undisclosed

Virtual & Hybrid Events: Future Essentials, Australian Marketing Institute

Made by event professionals to event managers, expect to learn more about event strategy, production, operations, and sales. Expect a lot of tips from event professionals and real case studies. 

Duration: 26 hours

Price: 250 $

How to organize stand-out virtual events, the Centre

The Centre is a training center based in London and has a broad training offer in the communication, administration, and management fields. This course aims to empower event professionals to organize successful virtual events. Doing pre-event market research, creating high-level audience engagements, and learning how to evaluate your event are only some of the themes the course will explore.

Duration: Undisclosed

Price: £654 plus VAT

The essential guide for online events management courses
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Advanced Online Events Management Courses

In this section, you will find the most recognized certifications in the industry. If you are CMP certified, both courses enable CMP hours.

Digital Event Strategist Certification, PCMA

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) was formally created in 1958 in Philadelphia. It defines itself as the world’s largest network of business events strategists with EMEA, LATAM, and APAC divisions. The Digital Event Strategist Certification will give you deep insights through 8 modules, covering themes such as strategy, production, technology, or reporting. PCMA members have a special price for this certification, as well as companies who want to provide training to more than 3 event managers.

Duration: 10 hours / 10 CMP hours

Price: $695

Virtual Event & Meeting Management Program, ELI and MPI

At the Event Leadership Institute (ELI), you find the Virtual Event and Meeting Management program, built in partnership with Meeting Professionals International (MPI). This comprehensive course starts with the main differences between the organization of in-person and virtual events will cover themes such as strategic planning, digital event program, and also has a module on data and security. If you want to step up your competencies, you will also love the Virtual Fundraising Event Management certificate or the Hybrid and Virtual Event Director course.

Duration: 6 Weeks / 20 CMP hours

Price: $695

In Conclusion

Finding the right online events training path for you starts with the definition of your goals and introspection about your current career phase, and the next steps you want to achieve. The event industry has evolved a lot in recent years, are more transformation is yet to come!

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