SCOOCS inaugurates a ‘New Age’ with Liferay

Liferay is a leading digital experience platform dedicated to making a positive impact on the World. By partnering with integrators across the globe, Liferay enables thousands of companies from various industries to create digital solutions, such as customer self-service portals, B2B commerce solutions, and modern intranets.







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SCOOCS is proud to be Liferay’s events trusted partner. To kick-start 2021, we hosted the Liferay Developer Conference (DEVCON), with the theme: A New Age Begins. This is the largest gathering of Liferay developers across the world. This year, SCOOCS helped Liferay connect over 2,000 developers from +50 countries during a 3-day event to discuss new perspectives, build expertise, and gain fresh knowledge, in a fun and engaging online environment.

If you are wondering how SCOOCS can empower you to exceed the needs and expectations of your stakeholders, this short story about how Liferay DEVCON team was able to WOW world-leading software engineers and full stack developers was written for you!

Mariela Santillán-Riethmüller - Liferay Mariela Santillán-Riethmüller - Liferay
“Working with SCOOCS has been a great experience for Liferay! Not only did we manage to turn all our events into successful virtual experiences, but we were also able to fully customize each event to fit our target audience and specific needs. SCOOCS is our choice and recommendation for managing and hosting customized, intuitive, and engaging online and hybrid events! ”

Project Goals

Endless possibilities for a truly unique online event experience

Liferay sets the bar pretty high, being a digital experience platform leader with world-class software engineers and full-stack developers. As DEVCON is a renowned event with established branding, using the SCOOCS self-service suite of features, the team could directly carry over the events’ unique design into the platform without any custom development.

Amazing custom fields for smart events

Born with an open-innovation mindset and a serious passion about customer-centricity, SCOOCS is your best event partner, always happy to think along the craziest event ideas and to develop valuable features that help customers meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders

Liferay DEVCON team wished to entertain their attendees with an icon of vintage gaming that has a very special place in all our hearts: Monsieur et Mademoiselle Pacman. To make this wish come true, SCOOCS built the possibility to include an HTML iFrame field to the dashboard of the event where event attendees can play a quick game or listen to a Spotify list.

Multiple Stages and Simultaneous Sessions

SCOOCS enables event hosts to create their dream virtual venue. With such a rich and diverse agenda, the ability to create, customize and manage different stages with simultaneous sessions was essential for the Liferay DEVCON team!

The main stage was running during the 3 full-days, welcoming various keynote speakers with insightful talks. Moreover, attendees could also join four different workshop sessions and enjoy several thematic coffee lounges (who asked for networking spaces?). If anyone got lost or needed help, SCOOCS tech support was always available to answer any doubts or troubleshoot any technology-related issues.

Engagement and networking

Taking the “Work hard, play hard” motto to the next level, Liferay DEVCON leveraged SCOOCS’s features to foster attendees’ engagement and provide nurturing networking spaces, including the Match Roulette, an intelligent Matchmaking algorithm, and theme-based Networking Tables. Every session attended, every message sent or liked, every virtual booth visited was converted into engagement points in the most competitive leaderboard we have ever witnessed! In the end, the winners were rewarded with exciting prizes!


Last but not least, Liferay’s events always go the extra mile to make a positive impact in the World. Leveraging SCOOCS “Good Cause” field, Liferay DEVCON team raised awareness and funds to support COVID-19 response projects led by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Good Cause
Red Cross

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