5 Reasons to host hybrid events

Are you are still wondering what are the reasons to host hybrid events? This format is the perfect blend between all the advantages of in-person events and the benefits of virtual events! Learn more on why you should be considering including hybrid events in your strategy!

1- Increasing the size of your audience is less costly and easier to implement by adding virtual attendees to an in-person event.

If you have always hosted in-person events and budget constraints have prevented you from dramatically increasing the size of the events, then hybrid events could be the ideal solution.

If you want to increase the size of an in-person event, it would require certain additional costs that are not needed when adding a virtual aspect to your event.

More attendees for an in-person event would require a larger venue, catering for the additional attendees, additional event staff, and many more costs to accommodate the larger numbers.

Adding virtual attendees to your event by utilizing a high quality hybrid event platform, would cost a fraction of what adding in-person attendees would cost. This makes a hybrid event far more feasible and it’s one of the reasons to host hybrid events.

2- Give attendees who are unable or unwilling to travel to attend in-person events the opportunity to participate in your event virtually.

It’s a reality that some people who would want to attend your event might not be in the financial position to afford the travel and accommodation costs that need to be incurred if they do not live close to the event venue.

Covid-19 is another factor that is playing a part. The reality is that the global pandemic has affected many people’s willingness to travel as they see it as a risk. Certain countries are also preventing citizens from other countries from crossing their borders.

Health issues and disabilities also prevent many people from traveling to events.

Hybrid events allow those who are willing and able to attend the event in person and those who are not to attend virtually, making it accessible to far more.

3- Education courses or training programs

Educational institutions no longer need only to teach students in their particular geographical area. Instead, hybrid events allow students to attend lectures in-person or virtually wherever they are.

Using a hybrid events platform such as SCOOCS also allows interaction between all the students in real-time as well as interactions between the students and the teacher, making it a truly rewarding experience.

Other of the good reasons to host hybrid events, is that organizations no longer need to spend large amounts of money on travel and accommodation for their out-of-town staff members to attend internal company training sessions. A hybrid event allows staff close to the training facility to participate in the training in person, and the out-of-town staff can attend virtually.

4- Increased Reach: one of the good reasons to host hybrid events

NGO’s or Charities are able to tell their story and raise funds to a much wider audience. Local donors and supporters can attend in person, while prospective international donors can be part of the event virtually.

Hybrid event platforms such as SCOOCS give each attendee the opportunity to engage with each other and the NGO or charity’s representatives to understand the cause and be more likely to support it.

5- Improve your environmental footprint and help to save CO2 !

Another reason to host hybrid events is your company’s environmental footprint and sustainability! We have already written about this subject here on our blog: in-person events have a big impact on the environment, with all the traveling, hotel air conditioning, or the extra energy usage. Hybrid events are the opportunity to have the best of two worlds, and to care for our world, promoting a better environmental conscience and inclusiveness.

Here we have listed some of the main reasons to host hybrid events, but the best thing to do when deciding whether a hybrid event is good for your organization, is to look at what the goal of your event is and decide if a Hybrid event would help you reach that goal.

If you decide that a hybrid or a virtual event is ideal for your organization’s next event or if you want to understand how a hybrid event would work for you, please get in touch with our caring team and book a demo!

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