Why Choose Scoocs Over Teams and Zoom for Your Event Platform Needs

When creating a virtual event, selecting the right platform is crucial. Although Zoom and Microsoft Teams are well-known for video conferencing, Scoocs has stepped up as a more refined option, setting itself apart as a top-tier choice for virtual event hosting. Let’s see why!

Transforming Events into Interactive Communities

Community Engagement – The Heart of Scoocs

Scoocs sets itself apart from platforms like Zoom and Teams, which are oriented towards fundamental video conferencing and webinar features. Scoocs leads the way in transforming events into community experiences- this approach elevates any typical virtual event/meeting into a dynamic hub.

Through Scoocs, attendees have a full experience, being allowed to effortlessly transition between different stages/rooms of an event, check the event agenda, and engage with its content-from interacting in Q&A sessions to voting in polls, among other features. This holistic community-centered approach nurtures a more dynamic and connected event experience.

Tailored Events with Deep Customization and Brand Integration

Taking your event branding to the next level

While Zoom and Teams offer basic customization features like background changes, Scoocs allows for in-depth customization of the event space that goes beyond the backgrounds used and reflects your brand identity!

This includes modifying colors, backgrounds, fonts, labels, banners, and links, as well as choosing specific modules to meet your event goals. Additionally, Scoocs enables you to change the event background, create unique pages, and prominently showcase sponsors, ensuring a brand-centric experience that engages attendees at every turn.

Networking and Engagement: The Core of Scoocs

Beyond basic features

Scoocs knows that Networking is one of the main reasons why people attend events and that is why it should be effective and efficient.

Zoom and Teams allow its users to engage through chat and breakout rooms but is it enough to create an engaging event? No, that’s why we make it possible for your events to have the following features:

Event Management and Insightful Analytics

Advanced Event Management that saves you time

Scoocs provides a complete event management platform, that suits various types of events: from smaller meetings or webinars to full conferences. This system allows you to go beyond than managing the basics, allowing you to:

In-Depth Event Analytics for Strategic Insights

It is essential to have event analytics tools to help you learn from your data and to build better events.

Unlike Zoom and Teams, Scoocs provides a complete overview of your event performance, allowing you to track real-time attendee data, interactions in sessions, and more data that you can download and integrate with other analytics tools.

Sustainability and Compliance: Core Values of Scoocs

Environmentally Conscious

Scoocs differentiates from Zoom and Teams with an Innovative feature that highlights the green aspect of any event hosted on our platform: A CO2 Calculator. With this tool, event organizers can measure the carbon footprint saved by hosting events virtually or in a hybrid format.

GDPR Compliant

Scoocs ensures strict compliance with GDPR, prioritizing data security and privacy in its event platform. Scoocs’ attention to these regulations demonstrates their commitment to offering a secure and trustworthy platform for event hosts and attendees. This focus on data security is further reinforced by our ISO 27001 certification, highlighting a commitment to international standards in information security management.

Scoocs: your next premier choice for virtual events

Scoocs goes beyond the conventional virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Teams, evolving into a more dynamic, customizable, and community-focused virtual event provider! For the ones who are seeking to make their events more interactive and unique, Scoocs stands as the clear choice!

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