What to look for when choosing a Hybrid event tool

Hybrid events have some participants attending the event in person and the rest of the participants attending the event virtually. Hybrid events have become an essential of event planning since early 2020, when Covid-19 changed the way business was conducted for us all. It is important to know what you are looking for when choosing a Hybrid event tool. That is why we are here to reveal essential characteristics to you. 

Audience Engagement is Key

The key to the success of any hybrid event is ensuring that all attendees fully experience the event. To give you the chance of doing precisely that, it’s essential to use the best Hybrid events tool, also known as a Hybrid event platform. 

When you decide which Hybrid event platform to host your event, it’s crucial to allow engagement from all participants. This means that neither the in-person participants nor the virtual participants should feel like they’re missing out. There are multiple activities and engagement features available during the event that all participants should be able to enjoy. 

Engagement Between Attendees

If you use a hybrid event platform such as SCOOCS, you’re ensured a world-class event experience for your in-person and virtual attendees. SCOOCS gives the added option of their Hybrid Event Kits. These allow you to stream the in-person event sessions straight into the event platform. It takes audience engagement to a whole new level! The virtual attendees engage with the in-person audience by text, graphics, and calls, and everything is happening in real-time.

Networking is another vital component of any event. The ability to allow all attendees to network is another important aspect to consider while choosing a Hybrid event platform. Attendees often feel that the networking that takes place during an event is equally important as the content of the sessions. Therefore, it is a necessity that the Hybrid event platform that you choose allows for networking to take place. 

Engagement Between Speakers and Attendees

When choosing a Hybrid event tool for your event, you should look for an engaging platform. This will allow for in-person and online participants to fully engage with the speakers in every session. Questions and answer sessions, quizzes, and surveys allow attendees to feel part of the event experience and allows for the speakers to engage in a conversation with the entire audience in real-time. 

Another advantage of a Hybrid event platform that enables this type of engagement between the speakers and the attendees is that the speakers and the event host get valuable feedback and insights from the attendees. Later on, this can be used to improve the event experience for the current event as well as for future Hybrid events. 


When choosing a Hybrid event tool, it’s clear that it’s essential to find out the level of engagement that it allows between the attendees themselves as well as the attendees and the speakers. This engagement is the key to making the participants feel that they are truly part of the event experience and ensures a successful event for everyone. 

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