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SCOOCS, the platform for your virtual business events

Virtual Business events have been facing a fast-paced evolution. What started with an urgent need in 2020, is now a very well-organized sector, with more and more sophisticated tools. SCOOCS is proud to be an all-in-one virtual business events platform, with cutting-edge technology, the most captivating tools, and a caring and supportive team that is always there for you. Why do we know our tools are valuable? Because they were built with the inputs of the best event managers, and with them in mind. Find here how we can help you leverage your virtual business events!


The event industry changed a lot with the pandemic, and so did Business Events. The last year has been a challenge, finding ways to keep attendees engaged, an excellent ROI for sponsors, and new networking possibilities. SCOOCS has been listening to the event experts and their needs to create all the tools needed to face the challenges. Even after the pandemic, a large number of people will continue to prefer to attend virtual or hybrid events. We will continue to listen to our partner’s needs and develop the needed tools for this new change.

Our highlighted key features for Virtual Business Events

Full Customization

SCOOCS customization features are unprecedented. You can customize colors, logos, fonts, favicon,labels. You can even embed custom elements with our CSS field. Our platform is almost a white canvas, which you can customize as you wish!

Networking Tables

If you think that virtual business events can never outstand the in-person ones, this feature will make you change your mind! Our networking tables will give you the feeling of entering a room, and being able to see immediately all the tables, who is in which table, and what’s being discussed in which table. Isn’t this better than an in-person networking moment?

Amazing Add-Ons

Professional broadcasting, 3D world, remote concierge, or our hybrid event kit, are only a few options of the features that we can provide. But the sky is the limit: with our custom development option, we are happy to develop whatever is important for you!

Ways to use SCOOCS – Virtual Business Events

No matter the format of your virtual business event, our platform can be adapted to fit your needs!

Hybrid Events

A new paradigm is here, and hybrid events have come to stay. The pandemic has changed the event industry forever – even if there are audiences eager to come back to in-person gatherings, it is also true that new audiences are looking for the opportunity to attend virtually. In this brave new world, hybrid events also face challenges – how to foster cooperation among the in-person and the online audience? Among the tools suitable for hybrid events, you can find our hybrid event kit – which allows you to become a video professional or our native app. But a good hybrid event begins with a good plan. If you want to know how to plan a successful hybrid event, register here to listen to our partner Klaus Motoki Tonn, on planning and conceptualizing hybrid events.

Virtual webinars

Virtual webinars are a good way to engage and acquire new business leads. Whether your goal is lead acquisition, lead nurturing, or simply to provide some education to your teams or clients, we have the right solutions for you. Create an engaging experience with our video rooms: make polls, use the whiteboard or make different reactions to the speaker. You have recorded content that you want to reuse? Not a problem, use our eLearning module to create your own academy! And the best? Everything will be easily set up in minutes!

Virtual CSR Activities

Happily, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is playing more and more an important part in virtual business events. Either by having more environmental conscience and actions, engaging teams on corporate charity events, the possibilities to do good are endless, and companies are more and more willing to make a positive impact in the world. 

CSR events had also to adapt to the virtual and hybrid world, and SCOOCS is happy to help in this task! Enable our CO2 calculator to track how much co2 is saved by your teams! Engage your employees in a CSR virtual charity event: let them visit the virtual booths hall, and discover different charity institutions and how they can help! Worried about privacy and GDPR? Our GDPR compliant servers are in Germany, and we follow all the GDPR good practices. Not a problem!

Virtual Trade Shows

If you want to skyrocket your virtual business event sales, you have to try our 3D world! This truly immersive experience has really the wow factor! Amaze your attendees with an immersive and interactive product display. Your attendees can click, walk around and visit a true exhibition! Provide a dazzling experience to your attendees, and boost your sales!

Online Team Games

As the go-for all-in-one platform where you can host all your events, SCOOCS is also the place where you can organize your online team games! Do you think it’s not possible to have fun team moments while working remotely? Well, you are wrong! Our matchmaking tools will help your different teams bonding and having fun together! Just press a button of our networking roulette, and be matched in a video room with another person sharing the same interests! Make it even funnier with the advanced matchmaking: the random sessions will have a limited duration (the one you will define), and that is the time you will have to solve a challenge together! In the end, check our gamification board and reward the most engaged attendees!

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