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Community Platform with SCOOCS

SCOOCS is an online platform that will allow you to take your engagement with your community to the next level. With your all-in-one platform, you can broadcast the sessions to the entire platform or choose to have private sessions. Build meaningful relationships with our networking tables or 1:1 video meetings and always keep the community informed about the next group gatherings with our beautiful agenda, which can be integrated with iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook.

Features for Communities

Create & Manage Multiple Events

With your online community platform, you can create and customize your event with colors, logos, and images, reinforcing your identity in your community. You can have multiple events inside the platform for your different activities, gatherings, and conferences. This possibility will facilitate the participant’s experience and will let them be familiarized with the platform for all their events. 

Create Groups

You can create groups in your event and have them meet and interact with our networking tables. You can have up to 100 participants in our round tables and discuss any topic. You can define tags for your participants and have them engage in conversations about their common interests.

Engage Your Community

Your community can engage and network within the platform with our matchmaking features. Our advanced matchmaking tool will combine relevant profile labels and set up matchmaking sessions. The meetings are randomly created by the platform but hosts can define a match duration, transition, and break time.

Ways to use SCOOCS - Communities

Learn how our amazing features can help you to grow your community

Online community service

Create a whole new online experience with our features! You can broadcast your sessions and stream your event with our various integrations – Youtube, Vimeo, iFrame, RTMP – to make your attendees feel closer to the in-person community. You can have your participants access the event at any place with our White Label App. They can join the sessions, networking tables, send private messages, and engage with the entire community. 

For your online community service, the platform can have as many sessions and networking moments as you want! Customize the platform to fit your communities identity and to match your previous on-site events. You can use the platform for your gatherings, group activities, exhibitions, trade shows, discussions, and much more. You can have it all with only one single platform. 

Build a virtual & hybrid community

If you are looking for an online platform where you can easily build a virtual & hybrid community, all in one place, you have found it! With the possibility to create multiple stages and sessions, you can gather all your participants in sessions, workshops, and other gatherings on your platform.

Each stage would be one activity and within your community, you can create as many sessions as you wish, in the format you wish! (one-to-many or many-to-many gatherings). Foster connections between the participants from all across the world, creating a virtual space where they can be all together! With this platform, your community will include those who can’t be physically present for some reason and can still have an active impact on your gatherings. 

Manage Your Community Platform

We know it’s important for you to have tools for your community to engage and build meaningful connections. That’s why we are always launching new features to enable the best experience possible. With our matchmaker, your community can add to their profile some tags with their interests. They can now find new people with the same interests to exchange via a private message or a 1:1 meeting! These tags will also be the base of our match roulette: just click on a button and you will be automatically matched with another person with the same interests. Your community members will get points for each action performed on the platform, and in the engagement board, you will have the leader board of the most engaged users! Use our networking tables or our e-learning module for studies or academic events. Your online community platform will be easy to set up, with a lot of features that will meet your needs! 

mobile event app

Grow Your Community

As the world is moving for a hybrid model – in work or leisure-, with a lot of activities still being held online in the post-pandemic world transition. On one hand, it’s important to be accessible to those who are sick, on vacation, or working abroad, and on the other hand, it’s important to continue to reach the new generations where they are the most: online. Your platform tools will allow you to achieve a successful hybrid community model: with a hybrid kit that will turn your existing devices into a professional broadcasting studio. With our native app, you can also engage the in-person community with the online community, building new bridges to bring people together.

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