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Full power with the mobile event app

Total freedom for your attendees. Unlock the full power of hybrid events. Create a remarkable event experience with the SCOOCS white-label mobile event app.

Full power with the mobile event app

Unlock all the power features that will increase your event's engagement, leverage your sponsor's ROI and delight your attendees.

reasons to host hybrid events
mobile event app

The world went hybrid. Why should your event stay in the same place?

Hybrid is freedom: attending the event where you want. Go in-person, go virtual, attend on the go. And what does that mean for event hosts? No more excuses for attendees not to be “there”.

Increase your event attendance and retention with the SCOOCS' mobile event app

No more boundaries and barriers, your event can now be always at the palm of your attendees’ hands. Let your attendees decide when, where, and how they attend your event. Increase your attendance and retention rate with the help of technology.

mobile event app
mobile event app

Events on the go, a premium experience

Being part of a worldwide business conference or trade show while commuting, is the dream of every busy professional. Business on the go has stepped up on a whole new level also for the event industry. This is the premium experience your best clients have been looking for: be on-site during the morning, attending on the go on their train, and go virtual on the evening when they get home.

Random Match Mode

Our latest feature is the Random Match Mode option that is available for all attendees. Now it is possible to have an overview of all participants at the event and decide if you would like to know more about that person or not. After seeing the profile, you can swipe left (not interested) or swipe right (interested). Enable the random matching or use our filter to find your right professional match more accurately. 

mobile event app

SCOOCS mobile event app features

The SCOOCS app features will give the power of choice to your attendees.

Attend all the sessions on the go

Send private messages while commuting

Check the venue map

mobile event app
Power your brand with the SCOOCS technology! Your app can be fully customizable with your logos, colors, fonts, graphics, photos, videos, and labels! Your attendees will only see your brand!

Discover everything our SCOOCS app can do for you!

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Still wondering why you should choose hybrid events?

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