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SCOOCS, Your Hybrid Events Platform

The pandemic caused a major shift in the event industry, and hybrid events are the natural evolution. A blend between in-person and virtual events, hybrid events are now the industry standard. Since the industry was forced to move to virtual events, the audience discovered their benefits, and so did event planners. More flexibility and a backup in case of unpredicted situations, cost management, and the possibility to be more inclusive and reduce the carbon footprint, are some of the advantages that make hybrid events so popular. So what do you need to host a successful hybrid event? Good event planning and the right tools! Discover how SCOOCS can empower you to perform profitable hybrid events.
hybrid events


Regardless of all the benefits and advantages, hybrid events are not exempt from challenges. Event planners struggle to plan a consistent event and to create an authentic community with in-person and online attendees. Planning the right spaces for networking, and finding the right triggers to make the in-person attendees discuss with the online attendees, can be defying. With the right planning and with the help of a powerful hybrid event tool and a caring and loving team, your switch to hybrid events can be done seamlessly.

Highlighted Features for Hybrid Events

hybrid events

Agenda Labels

It was never so easy to have your hybrid event agenda overview and to define your attendees’ accesses! You can now specify at different levels, whether your event is online, hybrid or on-site! These same labels are available to characterize your attendees, designating also the sessions they can attend.

White Label App

Give your attendees the freedom to access the event on the go! One of the main benefits of hybrid events it’s the flexibility to attend online, on-site…or on the go! Unlock all your events’ features with a white-label app that will give your attendees the freedom to be there, wherever they are and whenever they want!

Hybrid Event Kit

Convert your mobile phone on a professional broadcasting tool! Stream in-person sessions to your platform and app! With the help of integrated tools, invite your audience to engage. Amplify your engagement and build a sense of community!

Benefits of Hybrid Events

With the right tools, you can create amazing event experiences and benefit from all the advantages and new opportunities brought by hybrid events!

Increased Reach

It has never been so easy to have a worldwide audience

Higher Engagement

With the help of technology, step up your engagement opportunities

Cost Reduction

Exponential reach at a fraction of the cost of an in-person event – the dream of every event organizer


Help to save tons of CO2 and reward ecological actions with gamification

Sponsorship Opportunities

Enhance your sponsors’ reach and boost their ROI

Hybrid Events in 5 steps

Follow the steps of a hybrid event attendee, and discover how you can use SCOOCS' features to create a consistent experience for your audience.
Awareness & Registration

On-Site & Online

The attendee views the event public page and registers via form. Receive confirmation email with ticket confirmation, event role instructions, and tech requirements.

Platform Features:
  • Event Public Page
  • Pre-Register Form
  • Emailing System
Awareness & Registration
reasons to host hybrid events
Onboarding & Setup


The attendee receives an email with the event platform check-in info and tech requirements.


The attendee receives an email with the event app check-in info, event venue directions, and tech requirements.

Platform Features:
  • Emailing System
  • White Label App
Onboarding & Setup
Attending the Event
Attending the Event

Online & On-site

Personalize agenda, book seats, join online/hybrid sessions, share questions/comments/poll-answers via platform or app, access content on demand via platform or app.

Platform Features:
  • Agenda
  • White Label App
  • Video Rooms & Integrations
Attending the Event
Networking & Connecting

Online & On-site

Join Matchroulette, use 1-1 Matches, send 1-1 messages or video chat, view attendees list, view profiles, schedule online meetings, create/join online/on-site networking tables.

Platform Features:
  • Matchroulette
  • 1-1 matches
  • Networking Tables
Networking & Connecting
Building a Community

Online & On-site

Collect CO2 savings, and engagement points that convert into gift card or prize, register (interest) for next event(s) via platform or app, share feedback.

Platform Features:
  • Engagement Board
  • Communications Center
  • CO2 calculator
Building a Community
Do you have questions on how our features will help you to take your hybrid events to the next level? Ask your questions to our team members!

Ways to use SCOOCS

Hybrid Events

No matter the format of your hybrid events, we have the solution for you.

Hybrid Conferences

Hybrid conferences offer the best of two worlds, enabling to leverage of the advantages of both virtual and in-person events. Give your attendees the freedom of attending from a physical venue, follow everything from their sofas via the platform, or on the go with a first-class white label app.

Turbocharge your hybrid event engagement: use SCOOCS’ networking tables to deliver exclusive sponsored content to a limited number of in-person and online attendees. Create unique networking opportunities: let the attendees be randomly assorted with lookalike peers with the match roulette. Reward the most engaged attendees: attribute points to different actions on the engagement board. You will see in real-time which are the most engaged users and the saved CO2 emissions. With the right hybrid event tool, your event will be jaw-dropping!

Hybrid Trade Shows

Showcase your latest releases has never been so captivating! Create a truly immersive experience with the 3D World, where your online audience can take a walk and “grab” your products, as they were on the physical venue! With the multi-stage, multi-session agenda, your attendees can build their own program, choosing between all the available in-person, virtual, and hybrid sessions. It has never been so easy to succeed at professional broadcasting with the hybrid event kit: use your own devices to broadcast multiple stages simultaneously. Partnering with the right hybrid event company is essential, and we are here to help you to step up your hybrid events!

Hybrid Workshops

If you are looking for a hybrid event platform for a one-off workshop, we have the solution for you! You can buy a one-off event license directly on our platform, and to set up your hybrid workshop in 5 quick steps! Use the design presets to swiftly customize your event. Display your sponsors’ banners on your agenda and display content in multiple formats – video, audio, pdf or even an embedded iFrame-, in the event hub. Livestream your session, host an engaging Q&A, and let the matchmaking do its magic! And of course, record everything to repurpose later!

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