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SCOOCS launches Poster Booths with the 1st International Tandem PV Workshop

As one of the largest non-university research centres in Berlin, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) completed their first international workshop on tandem photovoltaics using the SCOOCS platform. The goal of this workshop was not only to discuss existing technologies or to set standards and identify further market potential but also knowledge and expertise using SCOOCS features with a particular focus on poster presentations as well as pitches and, communicating their sponsors to tandem PV workshop attendees.



With an expected attendance of more than 500 global attendees , the 1st International Tandem PV Workshop needed tools not only for easy and intuitive participation in workshops and panels, but also tools that allowed the participants to present their own research in poster sessions. The virtual posters stands needed to be able to be filled by presenters and come with dedicated workshop rooms to discuss with virtual visitors. Not least, visitors needed to easily browse and visit all poster stands and engage via rating, discussions and feedback.

Project Goals


New and Improved Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions were a major part of the 1st International Tandem PV Workshop. By using SCOOCS newly developed feature for poster booths, these took centre stage on the second part of the two of the events’ days. It was important that poster presenters were able to create their own booth, have a space to engage with other attendees on their booth and be contacted by user interested on the shared content.

Professional Broadcasting solutions for one-to-many sessions:

With in a focus on workshops and knowledge sharing, it was important to gather a solution that would enable the possibility for users to learn about a topic of their interest with a simple click of a button. As SCOOCS partners with experienced AV Broadcasting providers, the event’s attendees were able to join sessions showcasing the event’s design, single and multi-speakers’ views and screen sharing opportunities allowing them to easily attend their workshop of choice.


Easy-to-use Sponsor Showcase

By using SCOOCS specially curated sponsor booths, Tandem PV Workshop sponsors were able to create their own space and share their information with other event attendees.

Ability to reward users’ engagement

Engagement is a very big part of any event. To encourage users to do as much as possible, Tandem PV Workshop had prizes for the highest engaged users, so it was necessary to have analytics and points attributed to user according to their engagement throughout the event.


The 1st International Tandem PV Workshop was a success!


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