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SCOOCS Forum 2021

An opportunity to learn from the best professionals in the event industry about the future of virtual events.

What was the SCOOCS Forum 2021?

On the occasion of SCOOCS’ first anniversary, SCOOCS organized the 27th april 2021 the SCOOCS Forum 2021: a free event open to all event planners who wished to share their virtual event experience and connect with innovative virtual event partners, while reflecting upon the future of virtual and hybrid events, as well as the future of the event industry.

We brought together the best event professionals to talk about their experience with virtual events and how this shift changed the industry. This was also the moment to look to the future: what are the major challenges ahead and which tools and features we need to face them?

Don’t miss out on the chance to check this event’s recordings and learn more about the future of virtual and hybrid events!

What to expect...

Our Sessions


Jessica Lopes

Event Manager | HYPE Innovation

Jessica has been an event manager for over 12 years in different industries. She worked first for non-profit organizations in the sports field working on large events for thousands of people like on smaller conferences focusing on specific targets. For the last 5 years, she switched to the B2B environment and has been working as the only event manager at HYPE Innovation, a software and services company in the innovation management field. She is in charge of the events for their clients community and lead-generation ones.

Klaus Motoki Tonn

Founder & CEO |

Born 1973, entrepreneur, creative mind. Lawyer and communication specialist, founder of agencies and initiatives, such as Lumen, sh|ft Germany and Portugal. His works received awards such as the Cannes Gold Lion for Design and Management and Lean Awards. Besides working for his customers he is conducting trainings for SIY (Search Inside Yourself, developed at Google) and writes his PhD thesis on CDR (Corporate Digital Responsibility). In the remaining time, he enjoys being in Portugal and following his passion for analog photography.

Henkjan van Offeren

Founder & CEO | StudioCollegare

Henkjan van Offeren has over 20 years of audio-visual experience in the corporate event sector. He is known for his eye for details. His focus is always on bringing the message across by bringing content and people together. The SCOOCS platform is facilitating this for both corporate and educational events, training programs and in-house academies. He is working as camera-director, editor and online-event advisor, bridging the gap between the technical side and the customer.

Geanne van Arkel

Associate | AmbassadorWise

Geanne  van Arkel has been working for almost 20 years in the field of sustainability around the topics of biomimicry, circular economy and climate action. She is focussing on accelerating sustainable development. She beliefs in both the business and sustainability case of bringing people together in both online and hybrid settings, while building communities at the same time.
She is a board-advisor, chairman and guest-speaker on converting sustainable business strategies into action by empowering people to become sustainability ambassadors.

Christoph Kreutz


SIGS DATACOM is an international and vendor-independent company for continuing education in information technology. Christoph has been responsible for all TDWI conferences, publications and other TDWI activities. TDWI is the biggest community for Data & Insights in DACH. Together with Svenja, Christoph is part of the project team that digitally transforms SIGS DATACOM’s on-site events.

Svenja Brosius

Project Manager | SIGS DATACOM GmbH

Svenja works as Project Manager Conferences and Events at SIGS DATACOM GmbH. In this role, she oversees the entire event cycle, from the event conception to organization and realization. Until the beginning of 2020, all events were held exclusively as face-to-face events. Since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic, all conferences have been held digitally.


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