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The German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) is the largest biomedical research institute in Germany with more than 1,200 scientists investigating the mechanisms of cancer, identifying cancer risk factors, and designing strategies that contribute to cancer prevention. The fast technological development and the rapid clinical implementation of MRI in radiation therapy applications is currently one of the most exciting as well as most challenging developments in radiation oncology.






8th MRinRT Symposium

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This April, DKFZ hosted the MR in RT Symposium with the aim of bringing together specialists from all involved disciplines and fostering a discussion about the scientific direction of the field; presenting the latest developments in physics and technology of MR-guided radiotherapy, clinical directions and results.

If you are wondering how SCOOCS can empower you to ensure an exceptional virtual event experience, this short story about how DKFZ used the SCOOCS-EMENDO integration to import the event program and onboard attendees was written for you!

Marcel Schäfer Marcel Schäfer
Dr. Simone Barthold-Beß Dr. Simone Barthold-Beß
Anna Moshanina Anna Moshanina
“Working with the SCOOCS-EMENDO API has been a great experience for our team! Not only did we manage to turn our event into a successful virtual experience, but we were also able to fully customize it to fit our scientific target audience. The SCOOCS-EMENDO API integration allowed us to benefit from both tools. A very easy and smooth participants registration and abstract management on EMENDO as well as an excellent online environment for virtual events on SCOOCS. Thanks for this great support!” Anna Moshanina, Dr. Simone Barthold-Beß, Marcel SchäferLocal Organizing Team, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Project Goals

SCOOCS-EMENDO Virtual Event Integration

To manage the conferences program, academic submissions, and attendee registrations, DKFZ used its long-time attendee management solution by EMENDO. EMENDO is a professional attendee management tool that guarantees an exceptional attendee registration and management experience. Considering that the hosts already had the MRinRT program created on EMENDO and all event attendees already had an EMENDO account, DKFZ leveraged SCOOCS-EMENDO API integration.

SCOOCS-EMENDO API integration allowed MRinRT event hosts to import their full event agenda, including session name, time, and description, with one click. Furthermore, it also allowed MRinRT attendees to join the virtual event via EMENDO’s attendee management platform; thus, ensuring a seamless integrated experience.​

Extraordinary Sponsor Experience

SCOOCS allows sponsors to create their own customized 2D or 3D exhibition space. MRinRT sponsors were able to measure the value created with booths analytics. This allowed them to know how many persons visited and clicked on the different elements of the sponsor booths and make decisions accordingly, to improve your results.

Virtual sponsors found the virtual sponsor experience extraordinary!

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