Top 7 Business Development Books to Help You Learn Business Growth Strategies

To develop your business, you need a continuous commitment to growth. Apart from that, understanding the valuable insight of experienced business people is an effective technique to enhance your abilities.

Fortunately, a lot of industry professionals have shared their wisdom by writing excellent business development books. And by reading them, you can learn a lot about how they drive business revenue.

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1.      The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup, an ideal book for entrepreneurs by Eric Ries, teaches the strategies to start a business. In addition, this book will tell you about the change in business principles and how you can introduce new products in the modern era.

Every startup begins with a great risk of failing, whether it’s a single person operating a hotdog cart or a company of hundreds of employees. The Lean Startup helps people deal with this problem by explaining how to utilize the labor force and capital effectively.

This book also assists in measuring your business’s actual growth and offering the products customers want. The lessons in it will guide you about the industry changes to keep your business afloat.

2.      Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone is written by Keith Ferrazzi and explains the benefits of having networks to boost your business. This book will teach you about helping your friends and having a good relationship with everyone.

Doing this allows you to expand your business by having people under one banner. Not only will your brand be successful, but you will also build connections with well-established people in business.

The primary lesson of this book that the author has conveyed is to unite everyone through a shared goal.

3.      Zero to One

Peter Theil published Zero to One to highlight untapped areas and innovations in development. Theil explains successful ways to grow a business with new products. 

As the world progresses towards a revolution, you can expand your business in any field or industry. But for that to happen, you must have the ability of quick decision-making to take your business to new heights. 

Putting effort into producing something already familiar to the world will get you nothing. For example, no one has invented an operating system as successful as the one built by Bill Gates.

So, by reading this book, you will understand the advantages of running a distinct business that doesn’t have any competition.

Sean Ellis, the author of the popular book Hacking Growth, enlightens readers with the unique concept of “Growth Hacking.” The book has become a turning point for many business people on the verge of quitting.

This book helps people follow a well-maintained plan by studying every small detail of the business throughout the year to target the lacking departments. 

Many companies ruling the business world, like IBM, Walmart, and Microsoft, have followed the same technique to be successful. 

Moreover, Hacking Growth guides you to operate your business with unique techniques and introduces the world to something new. The strategies the author has mentioned in this book can assist you in attracting more customers and increasing market share.

5.      How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie published his famous book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to enhance the communication skills of businessmen.

Carnegie’s aim was never to provide business development techniques but to advise readers to develop practical set communication skills.

As a result, many individuals have become business tycoons by following the principles of this book. So, if your communication skills are lacking, you can read it to enhance them.

6.      Give and Take

Give and Take, written by Adam Grant, points out the resemblance between businesses. According to the rules of the book, there are three kinds of people;

Give and Take has introduced everyone to a new standard that can change entire organizations.

7.      The Sumo Advantage

Through his book The Sumo Advantage, Bernie Brenner enlightens us with the concept of “The Era of Kinship Economy.” This concept explains the importance of having a long-term relationship with other people in business to be on the road to success.

By reading this book, you will learn:

In short, The Sumo Advantage teaches you to establish a good rapport with other like-minded business owners.

Apart from the books mentioned above, below are some honorable mentions:

Final Thoughts

You can take your company to the top, as there are many business development strategies to learn. For more information, read the books mentioned above and take your business to soaring heights of success.    

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