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Event manager roles

Event manager roles unlocked: hire the right profile for your company!

How to find the right profile among all the tasks and event manager roles you see out there?

CSR event ideas

9 effective CSR event ideas to build purpose-driven remote teams

How to adapt the CSR activities for the remote workforce?

World Tourism Day

5 Sustainable Event Activities to Celebrate World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on the 27th of September since 1980. The date marks the celebration of the adoption of the statuses, in 1970, which would be the base for the creation of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in 1975. 

e-waste (1)

The 7 Important Ways to Minimise Your E-Waste

The problem of electronic e-waste is already overwhelming.

event quotes for event planners

28 Inspiring Event Quotes for Event Planners

From the event design phase to building your event community, we will find here the encouragement you need to reach your event goals!

virtual presentations (2)

Expert Tips for Virtual Presentation Excellence

Delivering an impactful and engaging virtual presentation requires a unique set of skills and best practices that differ from traditional in-person presentations.

cloud computing

Cloud computing and its role in event business operations

In today’s digital age, cloud computing has become an essential technology for businesses of all
sizes and industries. The event business industry is no exception, as cloud computing can
provide numerous benefits to improve operations.

Online Event More Engaging (1)

6 Tips to conduct highly productive Online Meetings

In this article, we are going to discuss some tips that can help you hold more impactful and engaging online meetings. 

promoting virtual events

Promoting virtual events – How to reach a bigger audience

Here are some strategies that can help you promote your virtual event to a much bigger audience. 

hybrid event agency

How your hybrid event agency can benefit from working with SCOOCS

Let’s dive in and find out what exactly is SCOOCS and what benefits it can offer to your hybrid event agency.