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All the virtual event platform add-ons you need for a successful event.
One of our team members always available
Book professional remote AV broadcasting service
Keep your attendees connected on your hybrid events
Leverage the communication between your audiences
Your own domain for a 100% customized experience
We can develop the features that are important for you!

Perfect to present your scientific work

Deliver great value to your stakeholders
Meaningful and more engaged networking
Our RTMP channel generator

Remote Concierge

Even if our virtual event platform is very intuitive, friendly technical support is very much appreciated! That’s why we provide a remote concierge service: a member of our team will be available to answer all your guests’ questions. Book the desired number of hours, and our team member will be in a dedicated room in your event and/or available on the phone, Whatsapp, Teams, or email. You decide! The remote concierge service is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Virtual event platform features

Professional Broadcasting

Skyrocket your sessions’ engagement with our fail-proof professional remote AV broadcasting! With this add-on, you will have an amazing quality on your session, with the possibility of choosing the speaker (or the speakers), displayed on-screen in real-time. You can also have graphic overlays with the title of the session and/or the speakers’ names (lower thirds), resulting in professional high-quality content, that you can repurpose on your website or social media channels afterward.

White Label App (iOS / Android)

Our white label app will be your hybrid and virtual event best asset! Keep your audience engaged with this white label app with the design of your platform! Strengthen the communication and the engagement between your in-person and online audiences, and allow your attendees to fully be part of your event on the go!
reasons to host hybrid events

Hybrid Event Kit

With our hybrid event kit, you can stream your in-person sessions into your platform! With this solution, you will convert your devices (mobile phones, computers, or tablets), into professional broadcasting tools! You can show different angles from your in-person event and invite your online audience to engage with the in-person audience with graphics, text, and CTA’s added in real-time.

Custom Domain

SCOOCS allows you to fully customize your event with your brand identity: colors, labels, images, videos, and fonts. If you want to go the extra mile and have your platform in your custom domain, it is possible! You just have to decide your virtual event platform domain, and, after checking the availability of your desired domain, we will arrange everything for you!

Custom Development

This add-on is the answer to the question: “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?” If you need a feature that is important for you, we are happy to develop it for you! Just tell us what you have in mind, and we will check with our dazzling tech team how many hours they would need to make your idea possible. And voilà, you are one step away to create something ahead of the game!

Poster Booths

We invite you to try out our new academic poster booths feature where you can allow your poster presenters to set up their own poster booths in minutes and also benefit from dedicated networking tables to discuss each poster!

Display your papers in an embedded .pdf, and illustrate your research with infographics, data boards, images, or videos. You can also embed a social media feed, a podcast, or another iFrame that will enhance your visitors’ experience. Perfect to present your scientific work, our Poster Booths will also be an excellent solution to exhibit your academic offer, or even for a career fair.

3D World

Create an amazing experience for your participants and deliver great value to your stakeholders with our 3D world exhibition space. In our 3D world, your participants will be able to walk, click and choose to explore different environments. This immersive and interactive exhibition space will make your sponsors’ products unforgettable and top of mind for all your event participants.

Advanced Matchmaking

There are many ways in which virtual and hybrid events can improve attendees’ and hosts’ experiences. SCOOCS places meaningful networking at the top of the list. SCOOCS Advanced Matchmaking tool allows you to easily setup and manage truly meaningful matchmaking sessions by combining relevant profile labels. Create profile labels that users can add to their profiles. Select the relevant labels per match and scan thousands of participants to create random meetings that meet the requirements. Define a match duration, transition, and breaktime. Stay on top of what is happening with the real-time overview of which matches took place and which ones did not, as well as who missed a match and how were matches rated.

Multi-language Livestream Solution

Now it’s possible to livestream through SCOOCS with our new RTMP channel generator! Generate your stream key(s) and add the stream channels to your sessions. For live translations, you can include more than one stream channel in one session, allowing users to switch between their preferred languages while watching the same live stream.

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