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September Release: Big updates for your virtual events

As you probably already noticed, we never stop innovating. With every event we host, we work with event organizers to improve both the event management and event participation experience. In this short read, we want to update you on our latest features!

By the way, we also have a new Help Center (see below) and a Referral Program. As a Scoocs (formerly iChair) customer, when you refer someone to Scoocs, you – and the organization you refer – can each earn 500€ of credit for their next event* 😊. 


MATCHMAKING. We’ve developed a matchmaking algorithm that based on pre-defined profile tags (i.e. what do I have to offer and what do I look for) shows relevant connections to event attendees.

MEETING HAGGLER. Meet Scoocs’s ‘doodle’ where you can suggest up to 3 different time slots to connect with other attendees in a 1-to-1 video meeting.

MEDIA LIBRARY. Go beyond replays with your own media library where you can neatly organize all the media that you wish to make available as on-demand streaming for your participants.

CUSTOMIZATION 2.0. Customize your platform by renaming sponsor booths, event hub, and matchmaking labels. You can also hide the match roulette or the matchmaking.

VIP SOLUTIONS. Create exclusive sessions for VIP users and protect sessions with passwords. 


✓ Upload full CSV lists including roles, organization, location.
✓ New roles: sponsor, VIP, participant, view only.
✓ More linking capabilities from banners and sessions to external URLs and internal pages.
✓ Add passwords to video rooms for more exclusive access. 
✓ Updated backend, e.g. Q&A Manager, option to hide Match Roulette or Tag-Manager. 

* Each event is eligible to one referral discount. This program runs until 31/12/2020. Credits have no cash value and may only be applied to a virtual event. Agencies excluded.

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