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SCOOCS new features – November 2021

This month you will not want to miss our SCOOCS Talks! Katrin Taepke, from the blog MICEstens Digital, will speak about 10 DO´s & DON´Ts of Hybrid Events! This talk will be in the German language but will be available later on the platform with English subtitles! 

We also bring great news, with a brand new Speakers Corner, new Sponsor Booths features that will boost your patron’s ROI, and new privacy options. If you want to take your events to the next level, keep reading our news!  

Join us at the SCOOCS Talks!

10 DO´s & DON´Ts of Hybrid Events, with Katrin Taepke of MICEstens Digital – This SCOOCS Talks will be in German

Just because you can technically implement almost anything these days doesn’t mean that it is the right approach, especially for hybrid events. Both for your participants and for your budget. In this talk, you’ll learn what’s important for hybrid events and which pitfalls lurk when addressing two different groups of participants.

Katrin Taepke

Introducing the new Speakers Corner!

Do you need a place for your attendees to learn more about your event’s speakers? We have heard you! In the new Speakers Corner is now possible to list all your speakers and group them as you like! Create a speaker profile (which will be totally independent from the real participant profile), and assign them to the different sessions of your agenda. At once, in each profile, you will be able to check all the sessions where you can find that speaker, and also all the social media links, locations and a short bio! At SCOOCS we create everything to delight you and your attendees!

Step up your brand awareness with new banner options!

As you know, we are proud of being one of the most customizable event platforms on the market! We are engaged in a customer-centric continual improvement and always developing new features for you! That’s why we now offer the possibility of customizing all the event pages with new banners! Step up your brand awareness with this new feature!

Turbocharge your sponsors' ROI with our new sponsor booths features!

Turbocharge your sponsors’ ROI with our new sponsor booths features! We have fine-tuned our sponsor booths to deliver the best possible experience and skyrocket your patron’s ROI.

  • Platform administrators can now manage all sponsors’ permissions and define which features can be edited on their end.
  • You can now organize booths by categories and sub-categories, which you can name following your needs!
  • Do you need to add links for a session, a networking table discussion, a unit of the media library, or even other internal or external links? It’s now possible to easily do so! The sky is the limit!
  • And what about an unlimited number of booth representatives and content modules? We have it for you!

Book your demo today to see all these new features in action!

Always be aware of your privacy settings!

If you enabled your incognito mode on your profile, we will now warn you in each interaction where your identity may be disclosed. With the incognito mode enabled, your name will never be shown in the participants’ list. However, while attending a session, writing a comment on the chat, or taking part on a networking table, your identity may be revealed. In that case, you will now see a warning that reminds you the action you are about to take will make your profile public. We want you to always be aware of your privacy settings!

GDPR option – Hide participants’ emails to sponsors

GDPR and users’ privacy are very important to SCOOCS. We want to be sure that we give you all the options so you can comply with all privacy guidelines. As a host, you have now the option to hide the users’ emails on the sponsor booths analytics. With this option enabled, you can be sure to comply with the privacy permissions of your audience. This option is not enabled by default, and participants’ emails are delivered on sponsor analytics, so be sure to check this case according to your privacy settings!

It’s now easier to unmute the event mini-player!

Trying to guess how to unmute the event mini-player? Search no more! You will now see a label with the mention “Video is muted. Click here to unmute”. You just have to click, and voilà! It’s even easier to follow your favorite sessions!

Customize the number of Participants on the Match-Roulette!

The SCOOCS match-roulette is always an adventure! With the click of a button, participants will be randomly sorted together in a video room! Now it’s up to you to decide how many participants can be matched in the same room! This new feature allows you to better organize your networking sessions and provide the best experience to your attendees!

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