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SCOOCS, the online church platform to grow your community

SCOOCS is an online church platform that will allow you to take your engagement with your community to the next level. With your all-in-one platform, you can broadcast the service to the entire platform or choose to have private sessions. Build meaningful relationships with our networking tables or 1:1 video meetings and always keep the community informed about the next services and group gatherings with our beautiful agenda, which can be integrated with iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook.
Virtual event platform features


Among the challenges faced by the church, keeping the community united is one of the most important ones. How to create a sense of belonging in the virtual world? SCOOCS answer this challenge with an online church platform that provides you all the tools you need to strengthen the bonds within your community, creating a true virtual parish. 100% online or in a hybrid model, having your own online church platform will allow you to include all the ones who cannot be physically present.

Our highlighted key features for Churches

Full Customization

Increase the sense of belonging of your community with full customization of your online church platform. You can have your colors, logos, and images, reinforcing your identity among your community.

Networking Tables

Yes, it’s possible to keep having your youth gatherings, catechesis, youth groups, the choir, and your solidarity fundraising events, all in the same place! Create different spaces with our networking tables, and include them in your weekly or monthly agenda!

1:1 Meetings

Going to church is also a ritual of being together, exchange experiences, and pray side by side with the fraternity. Our 1:1 video rooms can be launched by attendees, creating a private space within your church’s online platform.

Ways to use SCOOCS - Churches

Learn how our amazing features can help you to grow your community

Online church service

Create a whole new online church service experience with our features! With our one-to-many solutions, broadcast your service and engage your community in a live chat, where everyone can ask for and receive prayers. Choose a professional broadcasting service to improve the experience of your attendees, and make them feel closer to the in-person community.

Use our video rooms for your Rosary Prayer groups, Bible studies, and other gatherings. In this many-to-many setting, you can easily recreate the feeling of being in a circle, all together. 

online church platform

Manage your virtual parish all in one place

If you are looking for an online church platform where you can easily manage your virtual parish all in one place, you have found it! With the possibility to create multiple stages and sessions, you can gather all your churches, services, and gatherings on your platform.

Each stage would be one church, and within your church, you can create as many sessions as you wish, in the format you wish! (one-to-many or many-to-many gatherings). Foster connections between the communities of your parish, creating a virtual space where they can be all together! With all your services, Bible studies groups, youth groups, or catechesis in the same place, you will reinforce the inclusion of those who can’t be physically present for some reason.  

Building a virtual & hybrid church community

We know it’s important for you to have tools for your community to engage and build meaningful connections. That’s why we are always launching new features to enable the best experience possible. With our matchmaker, your community can add to their profile some tags with their interests. They can now find new people with the same interests to exchange via a private message or a 1:1 meeting! These tags will also be the base of our match roulette: just click on a button and you will be automatically matched with another person with the same interests. Your community members will get points for each action performed on the platform, and in the engagement board, you will have the leader board of the most engaged users! Use our networking tables or our e-learning module for your Bible studies or catechesis. Your online church platform will be easy to set up, with a lot of features that will meet your needs! 

Towards a hybrid church

As the world is moving for a hybrid model – in work or leisure-, with a lot of activities still being held online in the post-pandemic world transition, the church is also expected to be open to a hybrid model. On one hand, it’s important to be accessible to those who are sick, on vacation, or working abroad, and on the other hand, it’s important to continue to reach the new generations where they are the most: online. Your platform tools will allow you to achieve a successful hybrid church model: with a hybrid kit that will turn your existing devices into a professional broadcasting studio. With our native app, you can also engage the in-person community with the online community, building new bridges to bring people together.

Build a giving community

On the top of your online church platform agenda, you will find 4 banners that you can customize as you wish and choose the link of your choice. Here is one of the places where you can announce your digital giving methods and your fundraising and help campaigns. The Event Hub or the Media Library will allow you also to create your own library, and can also integrate some units with your project presentations or fundraising campaign. 

Virtual event platform features

An online church platform for all the important celebrations

It’s fundamental to celebrate faith and the church is also made of a lot of important celebrations: Christenings, First Communion, Confirmation, Weddings…and a lot of commemorations like Easter and Christmas. With your all-in-one online church platform, create a virtual space for your community to gather, and allow all the families to get together on these occasions, being there in this essential moment of their beloved ones.

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