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Introducing SCOOCS

SCOOCS is a flexible and customizable event platform where you can implement virtual, on-site, and hybrid events. With this platform, you can count on an easy set-up, a GDPR compliant service, and a user-friendly space for all participants. Whether you are organizing an online webinar with 40 people or a virtual conference with 100,000 participants, SCOOCS will be the perfect fit to host your event.

What does SCOOCS offer?

- Full Customization

One of SCOOCS´s most valued features is the customization. This allows you to personalize the event with your brand identity and make the platform your own. Thanks to the timeline, it is particularly easy for participants to keep track of each session and the highlights of your event. Besides this, they can see which sessions are live, read a small description, and join with just one click!

- Features for all types of events

SCOOCS is the platform to host all types of events, including exhibition fairs. With the 2D and 3D virtual booths, you can create your own exhibition space to showcase your content. In the meantime, you can access the analytics of the booths.  As a host, you can explore the participant’s interaction with the displayed content. In addition, with the Analytics dashboard, the hosts can review and analyze the event´s data in real-time and have the possibility to download detailed information about the participant’s engagement throughout the event. These statistics will help you to prepare for your next event!

- Networking for all participants

SCOOCS encourages networking activities among participants. That is why we have developed dedicated features that will take your events to the next level! To begin with, the platform enables you to create a sense of belonging among participants. and gives them distinctive opportunities to communicate and interact with one another. With SCOOCS you can send private messages, schedule a 1-1 meeting, and create networking tables. Along with other curated matchmaking features that connect your participants, you can enhance your event experience and have users make meaningful relationships. All you have to decide as a host is how you would like your participants to network, Afterwards, you can count that SCOOCS will offer!

Why SCOOCS is the right choice:

SCOOCS stands for Smart Customizable Online Offline Communities for Sustainability. We are dedicated to making events sustainable and you can even calculate the CO2 savings that you have spared. In addition, both the participants, as well as speakers and moderators, will have access to an extremely user-friendly platform. All users can actively communicate through direct messages, public chat, Q&As, polls, and much more. On top of that, you have the SCOOCS Team for any inconvenience or difficulty you might encounter. Our Team is dedicated to supporting our clients as well as continuing to improve and innovate the platform. This is your chance to take your events to the next level and stand out from others. Join SCOOCS and host incredible sustainable events!