Event Setup

The following category aims to answer questions about the platform’s settings so that you can customize it according to your preferences. It also explores the content tabs such as hub and media, so you can record important information about the event and add multimedia content. It also explains how to create speakers and how to integrate them.


Check how to customize your platform Q&A, create networking tables to enable private meetings and event roles. 

Virtual Booths

Access virtual booths and understand their utility when incorporated into your event. Explore their categories.

Mobile App

Check how to setup your app, starting with the login and public pages. Learn also how to check in users and setup the venue map.


Event Setup

Please select “Event Setup”, name your event and select the timezone. Then choose its layout and type.  If you want, you can also include banners, videos, and a description. Beyond this, you have countless options such as design, engagement and experience to customize. (BASIC NOTIONS)

SCOOCS platform is fully customizable. So, directly answering your question, yes. It is possible to change the basic and even more settings of your platform!

Give it a name, first. The code of conduct, helpdesk, privacy policy and terms of conditions, for example, you can add you own links/email. Feel also free to edit your platform’s design, label names, and logos, among other design issues. Enable or disable external authentication providers, included.