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Conferencing Features

Make online & hybrid conferencing easy with our virtual event platform features and tools

Program Management

Create and change your stages and sessions easily in minutes

Registration and Integrations

Register all participants with an excel file or our integrations

Streaming & Video Rooms

Organize your sessions has never been so easy with our embedded video rooms

Networking Tables

Our networking tables are the dream of every event organizer


With our virtual event platform customization features, make your own personal virtual platform

Virtual Booths

Have exhibitors create their own virtual booths

Poster Booths

Set up your poster booths in minutes

RTMP Server

Our RTMP channel generator


With our servers in Germany, our company is 100% GDPR-compliant

Program Management

Create and change your program easily in minutes: change the time and date, add or change speakers, create your stand, and much more. Managing your program is simple using editing and cloning program features. 

virtual and hybrid event platform

Registration and User Management

Register all your participants in minutes with our registration form or use our integrations: Hubspot, Conftool, Eventbrite, Ventari, Pardot, Emendo, and many more. All the participants can experience an easy onboarding: a smooth check-in experience, with personal greetings from a welcome video and guidance on how to use the platform.

Video rooms and professional broadcasting

Organizing your sessions is easy with our video rooms for many-to-many sessions (i.e. presentations, workshops) and streaming for one-to-many sessions (i.e. panels, keynotes). We can also provide a professional broadcasting service for your streaming sessions. Impress your attendees!

Networking Tables

Imagine a venue where you can see in one glance all the rooms available, the themes discussed, and who is at which table! Our networking tables are very versatile: you can even have private tables reserved for your VIP attendees, allow participants to create their own booth and manage tables via CSV upload. 


With our customization features, you create your own personal platform: customize colors, fonts, background, favicons, menus, logos, and banners in minutes. Also, meet the most beautiful agenda and timeline on the market that will guide your participants and make your event really easy to follow. 

Virtual Booths

Our virtual booths can be set up quickly by the hosts or you can allow your exhibitors to create their own booths. This is a space where you can display your brand, products, services, and more. 

You can add icons, logos, images, and videos to your virtual booth and add links for the participants to click. Attendees can have the possibility to initiate a conversation with the exhibitor via message.

Poster Booths

We invite you to try out our new academic poster booths feature where you can allow your poster presenters to set up their own poster booths in minutes and also benefit from dedicated networking tables to discuss each poster!

Display your papers in an embedded .pdf, and illustrate your research with infographics, data boards, images, or videos. You can also embed a social media feed, a podcast, or another iFrame that will enhance your visitors’ experience. Perfect to present your scientific work, our Poster Booths will also be an excellent solution to exhibit your academic offer, or even for a career fair.

RTMP Server

Now it’s possible to livestream through SCOOCS with our new RTMP channel generator! Generate your stream key(s) and add the stream channels to your sessions. For live translations, you can include more than one stream channel in one session, allowing users to switch between their preferred languages while watching the same live stream.


With our servers in Germany, you can be sure that our company is 100% GDPR-compliant and is ruled by European laws on this matter. Read our Privacy Policy to know more.


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